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Stroke or Panic attack

I've had panic attacks the past 4 weeks or so, fearing that im going to die almost everyday. Well 2 days ago my head started to hurt extremely bad and my speach was slightly messed up. My fingers with tiningling like they fell asleep and couldnt wake back up for awhile. So after awhile I started thinking im goin gto die, so my dad takes me to the hospital. By the time im there my motor skills are completely shot, I cant even right my name down. They put the thing on my finger to see  my heartrate. After 3 hours of nurses getting my dad to fill out my stuff, my motor skills returned to normal. By the time I saw the doctor I was ok and he told me that I simply had panic attacks. Now im kind of worried that I had a mini stroke. I was not able to make a complete sentence at all and my head was in severee pain. Am I worrying to much and just had a panic attack that was so intense it messed up my motor skills, or did something else happen?
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Sorry to here of the panic attacks, I know they can be terrifying. I believe that what you experienced was related to the panic attack, rather than stroke. Panic awakens your most intense sense of fear, which can lead to many unusual symptoms for those going through them.

Your fear that you could have had a stroke goes right along with that thinking, as it would be "the worst thing that could happen" in that time.

Strokes actually cause damage ranging from very mild to life threatening, and although we have "mini" strokes, these are not that mini, if you have one yourself. Any damage that you would develop from stroke would not disappear soon after the panic attack. In fact, symptoms are known to get worse for the first few days for many of us.

I hope you find a way to overcome the panic attacks, have you tried any medications for panic disorders? Many people find great relief from medication.
I had the same symptoms and was told I had a panic attack. The doctor prescribed Xanax and told me to take a pill whenever I felt an attack coming on. Well I did that for the next three days. So I decided to go back to the doctor who now said go get an MRI done and sure enough it wasn't panic attacks I had a stroke. If this so called Doctor would have sent me in for an MRI to begin with my life would be much different than it is today. Don't listen to these doctors go demand an MRI.
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The doctor gave me ativan, thank you for your input.
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