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Stroke question- need help

Hello, My mom just had an ischemic stroke about 4 days ago. She moved from the hospital to a rehab hospital. My question is, she appears to be geting worse as the days go by. At first she could write her name and yesterday could touch her nose. Tonight she can't even lift her arm. How long does it continue to get worse??

Thanks for the help, Jeff
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Hello Dear,
Successful rehabilitation depends on how early rehabilitation begins, the extent of the brain injury, the survivor's attitude, the rehabilitation team's skill, the cooperation of family and friends.
For some stroke survivors, rehabilitation is an ongoing process to maintain and refine skills and could involve working with specialists for months or years after the stroke.As such  the time , to get back to normal activities cannot be predicted.
You should give her more attention and care as patients get depressed and psychologically disturbed after  a stroke attack.Wish her a speedy recovery.

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I understand all that and I have spent every day, all day, with her and will continue to do so. My question was does the disability keep getting worse for a while BEFORE it gets better?
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Hi There,

My 65 year old father had an ischemic stroke about 7 weeks ago.  He initially lost function over the first 4-5 days until he was completely paralyzed on his left side, though his cognitive abilities and speech were intact.  Today, following 5.5 weeks of rehab and now home with PT, OT and VNA (and my mom and 2 siblings) he is doing better, getting back some function.  He is able to walk short distances using a hemi (one handed) walker, and is getting back some flexor strength in his left arm, which he previously could not move at all.  He was able to sqeeze my hand gently this week and move his thumb a bit, as well as bring his arm closer to the core of his body when I moved it away from his body (extension.)

PT said flexor tone usually returns first, so it's important to to passive range of motion with him and work his muscles daily to prevent freezing/locking of the muscles in a painful contracture.  Early and intensive rehab gives your mom the best chances for recovery, but it is going to take time (the doctors told us it would probably be 9 full months before we would know the extent of the permanent damage and how much function he will get back.

I feel for you- feel free to write back if you want to talk or need support.  It's very difficult to see a parent this way.
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Hi Hope, how is your father doing now? My mom had the stroke and has the same type of outcome as you described about your dad. She is coming home from Acute rehab in four days and I was wondering how is your dad doing.
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