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My mom is 49 years old. Just had a massive stroke. The doctors won't tell us anything but her face is fine. She can't talk, Swallow, or move her right side from her hand down to her right foot. She was addmitted Sunday Morning. They just put her on medication for her head. I was wondering and I know that very case is different but what's the recovery rate? I am only 23 and I have one parent living.

Give any information please!
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If your mom is your only parent and you are over 18 (you are), you should be entitled to know about your mother's medical condition. Usually it is helpful if you have a large family such as if you have several siblings for the doctor to only communicate with one to help the doctor save time as well as to make sure information that is given is accurate.

Did your mom sign any legal papers regarding who would have control in case she could not make decisions such as a medical power of attorney or a power of attorney (it can vary by state)? I would talk to a social worker at the hospital about what to do if she does not. If she does, you need to get those papers to the hospital.

Strokes can vary and it can depend a lot on how fast treatment was started as well as her overall health. I am sure they are doing everything but a family member should be informed of what is going on. Please be persistent and know that there are also legal issues at play here.
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We never really talked about the power of attorney in my family or anything like that. I just saw the doctors today and first it was very bad news than they saw my mom and was shocked that she can mumble yes and no also can mumble what's that? She can work the TV with her left hand. The doctors say give her a pen and paper and start letting her write with her left hand. But they haven't really told us anything like what caused the stroke or anything of that nature. The social worker at the hospital was helpful because we don't have ensurance for my mom. Things are looking up but I am still worried.
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