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I am writing this for my husband. He had a stroke last week. It’s affected his eye sight, balance and memory. He starts OT and PT next week. Has anyone had eyes affected and gained their sight back. What about gaining memory back?
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Sorry this is happening to you.

Everyone's recovery is different. I've read stories where peoples vision comes back quickly. I've read stories where their vision never comes back.
The best bet might be to see a neuro-opthalmologist to see if they can help and get you better answers
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That's actually the best advice.
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That's so hard!  I'm sorry to hear about your husband.  This was just last week which is a very good sign that he is ready for the services you have lined up for him!  My aunt had a stroke and lived in a rehab hospital for 6 months before coming home.  I will tell you that many things slowly improved for her. Many people with eye sight affected because of a stroke have great improvement within three months of the stroke with some pretty quickly having a spontaneous full recovery. I would not know if he will have that spontaneous recovery but regardless, there is a good chance his eye site will improve.  The improvement stabilizes at around 6 months. So, he has a way to go before he can judge where his eye sight will be.

By the way, there are different types of vision issues after stroke. Which does he have? vision field loss, eye  movement problems, visual processing problems, and then things that fall into the 'other' category like light sensitivity.

Memory loss after stroke often also improves, occasionally spontaneously.  

What type of stroke did he have, do you know?  Is he in the hospital or home with you?
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Special mom thank you for your response. He’s at home. He has no side vision. His front vision comes and goes. He had Ischemic stroke. Plus he has multiple myeloma cancer. So he is fighting 2 battles.
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