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TIA- Is it possible to confuse symptoms

Yesterday I had an "episode" I couldn't put a lable too. I have had a fairly severe head injury 6 years ago where I suffered fro Post Concussive Syndrome for quite a while. I had issues with chronic fatigue and Migraines and Vertigo still come by every so often.
However, yesterday, my nose started getting numb/tingling. Then it spread to my cheeks and a little to my mouth. It felt very similar to when Novacaine wears off? Not horribly painful, just very annoying. I felt some what off (light headed? ) but not like Vertigo. I laid down and took a nap... slept for FOUR hours! And another thing to mention, I do have sleep deprivation issues. I have had insomnia for years. But, I never never fall asleep during the day that long. When I woke up, my face felt the same but I was extremely exhausted, like chronic fatigue exhausted.
This morning the tingling got better and faded back to normal by noon. However, I am still extremely tired and still some what light headed.
Any suggestions or ideas? I have no insurance, so unless it is a dire emergency, I can't do a lot about it. But I was curious if anyone had had this happen before.
I am a 36 year old woman, who, other than banging my head too hard, has had no health problems before.
Thank you !
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I couldn't agree more.  If there's a clinic around, at least start there and get a doctor's opinion.  If not, present yourself at an ER of a hospital that has accepted federal funding. By law, they must treat you, insurance or not, and generally have funds to help pay for treatment for those who can't afford it.

Savingthebrain's second paragraph says it all.  Get his checked out ASAP
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It does sound like it could be a TIA.  Unless it's horribly burdensome for you to seek medical advice, I would encourage it, especially if symptoms persist.

Remember, brain tissue only lives without oxygen for a few minutes.  And when lost, it's lost forever.  So don't take your symptoms lightly
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