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TIA Recovery question

I had a stroke, TIA 23 days ago and right now all residual effects are better,The stroke was on my left side clot on right side, followed by numbness,facial drooping,unable to speak correctly with slight lisp,I am feeling better except for fatigue,when I fatigue my hands have a strange sensation almosts feels like loss of circulation and slght heaviness in arms.If I keep going I feel like collapsing, But if I rest it is better,until I need to rest again, I try to pace myself. Should I have concerns about this.
I also have concerns about   D-dimer test which was 3.19 reference range <0.49  Consider range was high. I have not gotten a straight answer to that test,All I know was when the stroke happened it was extremely very high.should I worry about a second stroke
Thanks for any answers
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hi, You are not alone, I am basically in the same boat you are in, I was told that I have more of a chance having another mini, or a stroke than a person that didn't have one at all, that doesn't mean though that we will have one.  We just need to take each day one at a time, and not over do it.  Stroke victims and mini victims like our selves are put under alot of stress.  My Doctor advised me to go to a Stress management course, I have been looking into this but haven't found one yet.  We just need to encourage each other.  I will be here for you!
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I have just returned from hospital after 2nd TIA in one year - mostly due to stress and high BP.  Still have weakness in left arm, tire easily and at times cannot think clearly.  Removing stress in our lives is difficult - learning to cope with it - the same.  I am 54 female - work in retail - going through a divorce - husband still lives in house - the basis for my stress.  I am reading any and all info on how to internally control stress and think of myself - no one can take better care of me than me.  TIA's are warnings - we individually need to learn how to maintain a balance in our lives - for ourselves and no one else - we need to be selfish in this respect.  At this point I am out for myself, my quality of life.  It will not be easy - my determination to overcome this no matter what it takes is my priority.  Worry - yes - depression - at times -  stress - absolutely -positive thinking and the striving for answers keeps me going.
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I had a TIA on January 16th 2009 - woke up from a nap and left hand was shaky then my husband looked at my face and said one side was moving and the other one was not.....while we were at the ER apparently since I was still having a slight problem with my speech the dr told my husband that it was probably NOT my first...so does that mean that for "multiple" tias over a period of time the symptoms get worse and last longer?  I am only 43!
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