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TIA and pregnancy

Yesterday i think i may have suffered from a TIA.  I have just started my third trimester of pregnancy and I am 25years old, I thought the symptoms i was having was pregnancy related until i began to read more into TIA and discovered they were very close to the symptoms i was experiencing however I am only 25 and didn't think it was possible. Its started off in the morning with blurred vision, i was unable to see clearly as if I had been outdoors with the bright sun and back in doors, this lasted for a couple of hours, then out of nowhere i had a difficult time speaking, the words wouldn't come out right, followed by that I had experienced a panic attack, I went to see my Dr thinking this was pregnancy related after explaining to her my symptoms whiched were followed by migrain and nausea she referred me to an eye Dr that same day who said my stigmatism was bad but she cant explain the memory loss or speach impendament, other than a possible TIA, she also mentioned there is not much they can do as far as test goes because of my pregnancy and they would have to wait until after the baby is born.  I want to know how serious is a TIA and what can I do to prevent it from happening again.  Should I wait until after after I give birth to seek medical advise?
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Dr. Rubin will be on vacation until July 14th.  He has asked us to let you know that he will answer your questions when he returns next week.

As always, if there is an urgency to your question, please call your personal physician immediately!

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this can be a potentially serious condition! Go directly to a hospital, TIA's are warning signals that a possible STROKE can occur.  They can administer you Heparin and you should continue treatment at least 6 weeks after you deliver.
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I agree with nana22.  Get to the hospital.  I had a stroke at 35 - young people definitely can get them.  Also, pregnancy can cause the blood to clot so it can be considered a risk factor.  The dr can put you on some type of blood thinner.  A TIA is VERY serious.
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I had a stroke 2 weeks post partum...slurred speech, etc.  You need to go to the hospital right away!  I am now pregnant almost 6yrs later and on blood thinners throughout....hopefully all will go well.
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LOL!!!!  Did you all not realize that post is almost 4 years old!??
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Oops!  Must be that pesky brain damage;)
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Now, let's not blame the brain too much.  My brain isn't injured and I did the same thing a few days ago!  Good to know someone else has done it.  I got a good laugh out of it and I want to thank you.  I needed to smile. :)
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I am 24 and 31 weeks pregant.  I have just found out that I had a mini stroke (TIA) 2 weeks ago and am on the fast track to finding out more with my OB and a neurologist.  There are countless reasons why they need to know why and where a clot could be before you give birth due to complications.  I dont have all my results back yet, but have been informed that the risks may be too high to go into natural labor.  SO get to your doctor ASAP.
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just finished reading posts and omg didnt realize it was 4 years old.
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