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TIA/ mini stroke

I am a 29 year old female, I am slightly over weight however most are shocked by my weight because I "don't look it". I went throught a very scary situation lately. Before that I should tell you my NORMAL BP is 84/47 I promise!!! and my cholesterole is great! The situation began at about 1 pm and with in 20 min it had seriously worsened. It began right after lunch, I felt dehidrated, the left lower part of my occipital region of my lower cranial region felt painful, then I had a freind check my pulse and she said that it was 133 we went to the local Quick care where then I had trouble signing my name at all times IN MY HEAD I WAS AWARE! I could not hold the ther. under my tongue, I had diffuculty which speech, my BP was normal but high range of normal, 128/94 which for me is very high. They then sent me to the ER in the ambulance they found that my blood glucose level was low-never had an issue before. They gave me an Chest Xray, CT scan and blood work all came back normal but they decided to keep me for observation. The next morning I had an MRI with contrast again normal. A Nurologist then came and did a very quick assesment and sent me home with diagnois of occipital Nuralgia. If I have to explain one more time that I know that this was not a headache I am going to get a migrane.HEHE but seriously I am very dissasisfied with this diagnosis I am no MD but I have an extensive medical field as friends and family, if we all got together we could open a Quick care. They believe as I know do that this was a TIA (not self dianosing- just being proactive on my health). I have no real medical history, normal healthy person. My problem is nurologists are hard to get into they all want me to go back to the guy who saw me in the hospital- I even explained I was looking for a second opion. It has been a week and no one is available and the guy from the hospital is not getting back to me. I have insurance in FACT GREAT COVERAGE! I don't know how long I should wait for a follow up and if a PCP can even do anything since I go to a general clinic and not just one and go not to often. I am not sure how I can get a second opinion? I am not sure how long is to long for a follow up after the hospital??  
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This may be to late since its 2011 but I've had same problem for 16 yrs this week I had and echo with bubble done on my heart they found a hole in my heart which is normal in 25 percent of population but for me the pfo or hole in my heart causes tia or mini stroke there is a procedure that can fix hole but not approved by fda so not approved
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I too went to the er with symptoms or dizziness, headache, left sided numbness to the point I couldn't pick up my arm. I began to stutter and couldn't remember how to do simple things like when I went to eat lunch and pay with a check I couldn't remember how to write the check. I was even having seizures.  The rushed me to the er and they did a CT which came back normal. They kept me for observation for 2 days then did an EEG which came back normal.  They then diagnosed me the hypothyroidism.  And let me tell you I am 5'2" and weight 125 lbs.  Do I sound like my thyroid is underactive? Not to me. But I am trying to find out what kind of Dr I need to go to now or even if they can tell if it was a stroke 6 weeks after. I still have the stutter and forgetfullness. I also normally have low BP like 120/60 pulse rate normally around 70.  This day my BP was 160/102 amd pulse was 150-170.  I need help too if you come up with anything.
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Sorry to hear about your episode :(

If you are not satisfied with your diagnosis/treatment, go see another doctor.  Since you don;t really know the problem, I would suggest a specialist physician - someone who can do a thorough all over work up.  If you go to someone too specialised they may only see problems that are in their speciality & miss something important.

All the best.

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I too, was hospitalized for 3 days. they ran a ton of tests, all came back normal. the last test they performened was an EEG on the brain. Several hours later, (9:30 p.m.) I was discharged by a nurse. They gave me a sheet pf paper indicating an TIA, the diagnosis was "Dysarturia Aphasia". The discharge papers said to do a follow up with the new Neurologist in 4 weeks. In the meen time I am still struggling w/my speach, slurring, garbled, and mis-pronounciation of words, it comes and goes, but effects me daily.
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