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TIA or UTI? What do you think?

Yesterday I was speaking with a friend on Skype, when my speech became very slowed/slurred. I was also experiencing muscle twitches, movement slowing, cognitive function delay, and fatigue. My husband took me to the hospital where they ran blood work, urine, a chest xray, and a CT scan. All the tests came back clear except for my UTI. After a couple of hours in the ER, my speech and movement started to come back. Before we left, my speech was back to about 98%.

I'm a 30 year old with Fibromyalgia. My family has a history of stroke and high-blood pressure. But my blood pressure has always been great, and was at the ER as well. I started taking Tramadol as a main pain reliever, and recently added a Vicodin on the bad (read: REALLY BAD) days.

The ER Dr diagnosed it as a UTI, and told me that it may have been a chemical reaction to the drugs. Originally, I had thought it was Serotonin Syndrome. But now, after further research, I'm suddenly drawn to the possibility of TIA.

Anyone have any experience with Fibro, Tramadol, and TIA?
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How are you? It is good that the initial tests were normal. It is indeed possible that a  transient ischemic attack (TIA)  or blood flow to a part of the brain stops for a brief period of time occurred. and the blockage breaks up quickly and dissolved. High blood pressure  and family history of stroke are  major risk for TIAs and stroke. TIAs are a warning sign that stroke may indeed occur.  While urinary tract infections can be easily managed with antibiotic therapy, it is recommended that you go for regular follow-up with your attending physician for proper evaluation and management of risk factors. Take care and do keep us posted.
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