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TIA or migrane?

Last week I experienced what a neurologist first called a TIA. I looked up the symptoms and everything fit; the quick onset of numb right arm, vertigo, speech garbled and my right arm would 'float up' without my intension. This all lasted a couple minutes and I was back to normal. My MRI and MRA were normal. I will be having a TEE next week. My neurologist now believes there is a possibility that it was a migrane. She said this because since the left arm went numb,showing problem with the right side of my brain, my speech should not have been affected, due to language being in left side of brain.
  I have never had a migrane in my life (37 yrs) and neither has anyone in my family, including grandparents. I also didn't have a headache at all with this episode. I fear that if there is no proof to back a TIA I will be diagnosed with 'migraine sufferer' and will just be left to "wait and see when the next one hits". Any thoughts? Thanks
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Hi You might need a second opinion,other than your neurologists.No headache or any pain in the head area?What about the temporal lobes?It doesn't sound like a miagrane.Get a secong opinion.TNT406
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Just found out today... SEE: the section on this forum under
39 year old healthy fit man had a stroke why?

I left a comment there.  But here is more info...

He basically has ocular migranes which you do not feel like you would the typical migranes people usually talk about.  He just had a few visual disturbances.  These went untreated and lead to his stroke.  This was a mild stroke but could have been worse.
See your nuro. and tell her about this particular situation
He is being treated with

Plavix for platelett sticking problem
Baby Asprin 81 mg
Co Q 10 200mg
Topomax 75 mg for migranes and seisures
Lipitor for his hig cholesteral problem( you might not have that prob)

He is currently seeing Dr. Gopinathan at NYU in NY City he is the best Head guy we have seen.  Google him and get more information.  Good Luck and please leave comment so we know how your are doing.  If anything at least talk to your Nuro about taking the baby aspirin before it is too late.
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Check out this site very informative about migraine prob. and stroke

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One more thing.  This Nuro Dr today said if my husband was treated 3 years ago with at least Baby aspirin when this happened he might never have had a stroke.
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last time I sware...check this one out too!


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Thanks for the advice and sites. I had my TEE yesturday and the cardiologist said I have a large PFO (hole between the atriums of my heart). I will be meeting with the neurologist to talk about options tomorrow. I have the impression she is not too keen on having the PFO patched up because the research is still new. I just think I am so young and with 2 kids, I hate to just 'wait and see'. For now, I am just taking an asprin a day and doing more research. Thanks again!
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