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TIA to stroke

Nine months ago, when I woke up in the morning I felt weakness in my left leg so I called an ambulance. I arrived at
the ER at 11:15am. The MD examined me and concluded I was having TIA, but did nothing to treat it. After waiting
for almost 3 hours he ordered a CATscan and came back to the ER. I waited another two hours before he finally told
me I had stroke so I was admitted to the ICU. By that time I could not lift either my left leg or arm. My speech too
was a little bit affected. During my first 3 hours at the ER I could lift my left arm and leg without much difficulty. I spent 5 days at the hospital and 2 weeks at another for rehab. I am still home completely disabled. I am now learning how to walk by the help of a quad cane. My question is : was there anything the ER doctor could have done to prevent the TIA from turning into a full blown stroke?
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sounds like the doc could have been more aggressive and got you a catscan sooner. if they catch a stroke within 3 hours you could have gotten the TPA drug to help with the blood clot. but i am not a doc-just a family member who is still going through the process of stroke (dad) and has read up on stroke for hours and hours.  
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Sorry to hear about your stroke :(

Given that you woke with the symptoms, the three hour tPA window had already passed as it is three hours from when you last had no sypmtoms.  In your case this would be the time you went to sleep.

May I suggest you now focus on your recovery?  If you keep working at it you will improve.  No one knows how much but keep at it.

I'm ~17 months post & have improvements all the time, my walking keeps improving.  I've almost given up my stick!  The first year can be pretty hard but try to do as much as you can, whilst still getting lots of rest to prevent overwhelming fatigue.


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