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Teenage stroke victim

Hi, my 15 yr old had a stroke this weekend.  He is doing better after a week in the hospital but my question is about his future.  Apparently he had a blood clot that they cannot find the source of.  He is regaining most of his left side control and memory continues to improve.  He is a very active child and is in excellent health, but now he has to take it easy for a while.  How long do you think he needs to rest before he can start to stress his body with physical activities (non-contact sports)?  He wants to start exercising but I do not want to let him start to early and risk another occurance.  Thanks.
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Since he is young the recovery may be better.

Please refer to your doctor again if you have any doubt about his physical activities.

To understand stroke better: http://www.strokecenter.org

Remember to watch his diet.

You can't eat anything you want eventhough you exercise regularly.

Take care and warmest regards..aidle
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I am 26 and suffered from a stroke due to a blood clot in the brain.
I was just two and a half years old and nearly died.
Right sided paralysis occured.
My parents must have been through hell and back with me.
Since then i have managed to regain most of the movement in my right side through intensive physiotherapy and kickboxing training, although the mustle wastage is still very evident.
I am now a student nurse getting on with llife as normal as possible.
If you have any questions at all that you feel i can help with you can email me at
Also are there any support groups out the for stroke victimes aged 18 to 30?
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Check with your doctor and see when your son will be cleared to exercise.  Once he is cleared for activity, the best thing is to have him be as active as he can manage as soon as possible (without overdoing it of course).  Stroke rehabilitation happens through working through the symptoms.  I had a stroke when I was in my late teens and I can't tell you how much I improved once I started physical therapy and slowly working my way towards being active.

As for why the stroke happened, was your son ever tested for a PFO (paten foramen ovale)?  It is a small hole in the heart that is the cause of many strokes in young people.  It was the cause of my strokes and once I got it closed (a super easy procedure that I was awake for) I did not have any more strokes!  If he has not been tested for it yet, ask your son's doctor if he can have a trans-thoracic echocardiogram with bubble test.  Its basically just an ultrasound and it can make all the difference!

Best of luck!  :0)
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