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Tongue numb

I just got out of the hospital today after having carotid artery surgery. This was on the right side. I had the left side done 3 years ago.

The right side of my tongue is totally numb and kind of flabby. When I first woke up I noticed right away that I was slurring my speech.

My first thought was a stroke but have been assured that it was not and the tongue is the only symptom I have. The surgeon said that this carotid was close to 100% blocked and tight so they were a little rougher with it. The nerves in the area my have been agitated (hypoglossal) and may take 6-8 weeks to recover.  

Looking for any info to help speed nerve recovery. Speech varies with what I eat or drink, (hot/cold) cold seems to tighten up the tongue muscle and speech is better. Hot just makes it a loose blob. Pretty much like any other muscle. Eating is interesting to say the least. You get food on the right side and you either don't know it's there or you tongue just won't go there to get it. :)

I saw that b vitamins are integral with nerve generation so I'm going to start on a b-complex.

Not sure why I'm writing this just a little worried I guess. Haven't had much sleep over the past 2 days. On pain meds now.
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