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Triple Antiplatelet Therapy (TARDIS Trial)

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My dear old dad suffered an Ischaemic stroke on Monday and was administered Alteplase treatment within 4 hours of the onset of his stroke. This appeared to work OK, however the hospital have now asked my dad whether he would like to participate in the TARDIS trial - that is the Triple Antiplatelet for Reducing Dependency after Ischaemic Stroke.

Basically they are looking to reduce the possibility of reoccurrence (a further stroke) by thinning the patient's blood - or making it less sticky, and therefore preventing the possibility of further clots - however I am worried at the possible side effects of this trial. Usually the medics will prescribe a course of Aspirin & Dipyridamole, or Aspirin & Clopidogrel, however they are trialling a 35-day course of all three drugs taken together, as they think this may be better than taking the 2 drugs. Obviously adding another drug to the 'cocktail' as it were increases the risks, primarily further bleeding which can prove fatal.

I just wondered whether anybody had any experience of this Triple Antiplatelet therapy and whether they could afford me any advice, as naturally I am very worried at the possible risks involved; a quick google search returned a report from 2008 conducted by Nottingham University (UK) and the conclusion was not very positive at all, however the hospital where my dad is based have told us the trials they have conducted to date have all been very positive. Unfortunately they have not (yet) given us any figures to back this up, but I do know that to-date the trial has been run on c550 patients UK-wide, and will be rolled out worldwide to a further 4,500 patients.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated...

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