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Worried? Pain in neck, tingling on face, Dizziness

Hi.  FOr ages I have been complaining about dizziness and a pins and needles feeling in my left cheek.  (by ages, since 2003)  I have been sent for ultrasound of coratid artery (no problems) and and MRI/MRA (no problems) but the symptoms are not only stil there, they are getting worse, considerably.  I have noticed that this summer, with humidity real high, they are horrible!  

When this happens, I will feel a pins and needles type tingling from actually right below my jaw bone, covering the entire left side of my face to the left of my eye and about a 1/3 of the way into my forehead on same side.  This will intensify as the day goes on.  

Then my neck will hurt BAD!  Again, always the left, from my shoulder blade, sort of up the back of my neck, to behind my left ear.

After that I will be hit with HUGH waves of dizziness, sometimes to the point of almost blacking out.  I have a real feeling something is major wrong!  I feel somewhat sick to my stomach.  When I say dizziness, it isn't like everything spins, it is like I feel out of whack.

This really has me worried.  It comes out of no place, my stress level is probably the  lowest it has been in years ( I quit work a few months ago and am glad about that decision - no $$ issues  because of it)

Does ANYONE have a clue?  My dr. just told me medicine can't fix everything, but THIS IS NOT NORMAL and NOT in my head.  I just don't want to have to have a stroke to prove it!
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When you say your stress level is now low, was it high before? Just my opinion but it may be as simple as residual stress. Perhaps, if you carried a high stress level before, your body may have become accustom to expressing what you keep feeling now. You might want to think about taking a yoga class, biofeedback class, full body massages, long warm baths or other things that you feel would pamper your body, mind and soul. Also, try to stop reading the newspaper or watching the news on television everyday. That's enough to give us all a lot of stress. You might be very aware of the conscious mind but sometimes it's what our subconscious mind is doing that can cause these types of problems. The good news is that all of your medical tests came back negative. Maybe it's time you looked inside yourself for the answers. Start by taking a long, quiet walk by yourself. Enjoy the day or evening. Notice the birds, the stars, the moon like you did when you were a child. Try sitting at the edge of a large body of water and simply look around. Pay attention to the sights, sounds and smells of mother nature. Take a few deep breaths and let your mind go.
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In response to your question, yes I was in a very stressful work environment before I quit.  I had an extreme amount of responsibility with a huge number of people.  It was a VERY hard decision for me to leave; but it was a right decision.  
Actually, I made that decision in the quite type environments that you talk about.

However,  this is a VERY REAL feeling.  It does not just happen IF I am stressed, it happens all the time and very often at times when I am most at peace; like with my kids or at home enjoying something that I am doing.  

I am not sitting around stressing the decisions that I made and I feel that at this point in my life, I am more happy than I have been in ages; partially because I put myself before my job.  

I appreciate your response, but feel that medically there is something going on here and the only stress that I am feeling is that my concerns, and ultimately my life,  are not being taken seriously by the medical professionals.  That is spooky stuff.  That is why I have made an appointment with a new dr.

I still would like to hear from anyone that might have a clue with the relationship between by face tingling, neck pain, and dizziness.  Please.  

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You seem to be very concerned that you might have a stroke. You indicated that both your MRA/MRI and your ultrasound came back negative. That's a good thing concerning the possibility of an eminent stroke. Based on my understanding, what I witnessed with my wife's stroke and according to the American Heart Association as well as the American Stroke Association is that there are very few outward physical warning signs a stroke MIGHT happen but when it DOES happen, it happens quickly, i.e. minutes.

c&p from the American Heart Associations and the American Stroke Associations web page concerning strokes;

Stroke Warning Signs
If you notice one or more of these signs, don't wait. Stroke is a medical emergency. Call 9-1-1 or your emergency medical services. Get to a hospital right away!  
Sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body
Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding
Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes
Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination
Sudden, severe headache with no known cause
Take action in an emergency.
Not all the warning signs occur in every stroke. Don't ignore signs of stroke, even if they go away!
Check the time. When did the first warning sign or symptom start? You'll be asked this important question later.
If you have one or more stroke symptoms that last more than a few minutes, don't delay! Immediately call 9-1-1 or the emergency medical service (EMS) number so an ambulance (ideally with advanced life support) can quickly be sent for you.
If you're with someone who may be having stroke symptoms, immediately call 9-1-1 or the EMS. Expect the person to protest
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Thanks for the support.  I hope I am wrong.  I just know how much worse it continues to get.  Thanks again.  Nancy
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I have experined the same for last 5 months. i have done every thing possible, but no clue. please if u have found the answer let ne know.
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Hi Nancy, and all, this is my first time on this site but I am very surprised that we have so much in common.

I have the exact same symptoms but on my right side.  The symptoms started about one month ago and just pop up out of no where.  I have done the exact thing you have.  I had an Ultra Sound (carotid artery)- Perfect results and no plaque at all, a heart scan, an MRI on my brain and sinus area etc and everything is great.   Last year I had a numbness under my shoulder in the back and I could actually stick it with a pin and not feel it.

The Cause was from me trimming trees overhead for about a week straight - clearing out high branches around my 10 deer stands.  I bow hunt and gun hunt White Tail Deer in Minnesota. Why do I need 10 deer stands? don't ask me, it must be a mid life crisis thing - I am 42 years old.

Anyway I had pinched something and it took over 6 months for it to finally let loose.

This year I trimmed a ton of branches (overhead) at our cabin and more at my deer stands again and now the same symptoms are coming back, but this time I have tingling from the right side of my forehead to my jaw and it feels like my right eyelid is sagging or has more fluid in it but it does not look puffy.  I also have the right side of my chest feeling numb and tingling and a little into my right arm.  At first I thought I was having a stroke when it first started but with all the test I think that is ruled out. - Can you have a stroke even if you have perfectly clear arteries to your heart and no narrowing or blockage in your neck arteries? I hope not or I will be worrying about that all over again.

I do not know what triggers the symptoms but I have really been looking into the effects of caffine or fructose.  I have been a mountain dew junky and I am trying to quit but I keep failing.  It seems like when I have to much caffine, it triggers the symptoms - can this happen or is this just my imagination?  I do feel pain in my  right lower back and pain and tightness in my right shoulder.  Last night I stretched really good and this morning I had no symptoms.  Then I carried a weed sprayer around for about a half an hour and I felt burning and pain in my right shoulder.  About 15 minutes later the whole face tingling, numb side of my chest started up again.  As I type this my right shoulder is tingling and I have to put my hands down once in a while to give it a break.

Do you think we might have problems with our shoulders?  Do you use your computer alot - if so, could this  cause shoulder problems?

I am desperate becaue it really is a freaky thing with the weird symptoms.  

I have strength and movement in my arms and shoulders.  Can there still be issues.  Anyway I hope we can figure this out becuase not knowing whatis causing this is the worst part.


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