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Worried i had a stroke

I have had a history of classic migraines for over 10 years now.  I will have them for a few years, they will stop and then start again in a few years. They are always on my left side. Over the last few months they have been in creasing in frequency and intesity. Last friday i had one that started normally, took my meds and a nap and when i awoke, it was all over my head and my photophobia was so intense my alarm clock caused searing pain.  Went to the er since my migraine was so different and was only givin a cocktail of meds.   they finally knocked me out but the migreaine was still there, and just as bad.  My migraine lastd for 5 days.  on the last day i went back to the er because i was having coordination problems, cognative problems, speaech problems (stuttering and slight slurring) and numbness on my left side.  Had a CT scan and was told it was ok...but wasn't able to get the actual report because the doc hd a major trama come in.  I was givin another cocktail of meds and was told i had a complex migraine.   My migraine is gone but i have intemittent numbness, can't seem to explain some thoughs clearly and still stutter some and my coordination is still off.  I was also called by a neurologist today that I dont remember leaving a message with.I made an appointment with the neorologist but its not for a month.  These symptoms scare me.  I am a single parent and cant just run back to the er....not that i have much faith in them right now.  I don't know what to do because this doesn't feel right.  
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Hi lawgil27d

My advice is get to a neurologist quick, if you did have a TIA, or a mini stroke you need to find out.  And then do whatever your Dr. feels you should do to prevent a full-fledge stroke.  Because I'm also a single mother who's daughter has been living with her father for over 3 years, since my stroke.  Strokes Suck.  My stroke left me unable to use my left leg and arm.  I wish you luck.
and good health in the future.
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