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acute rehab how to get in

Hi: My dad is 80 years old and was very active even with an ileostomy and a foley catheter. 16 years ago, he had a subdural hemmorage due to a fall, recovered in 10 days after burrhole craniotomy.

Around thanksgiving 2007, he started feeling weakness and paralysis in his left arm and leg. Diagnosed with subdural, he chose to go home since hospital did not suggest rehab. Paralyzed leg showed improvement after home exercize.

In the new year, we admitted him in an emergency due to a bleeding ulcer (we thought another hemmorage). Doctors trie to fix with endoscopy, failed after few days, fixed with abdominal surgery.

He is now in step down, is able to eat soft foods, but unable to move himselft into siting position. he can sit, move his 'paralyze arm and leg a bit', 'left vision affected.

Doctors are ignoring stroke symptoms, suggesting skilled nursing facility. He has been 1 week in medical ICU, 1 week in Surgery ICU, 1 week in step down ICU

How can we lobby to keep him in the hospital longer and get him into acute inpatient rehab? We feel that the nursing home will not aid his recovery with his multiple issues and he will not get regualr therapy.

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My dad was also 80 when he had his stroke.  When he was being discharged from the hospital the doctors recommend acute rehab, but the insurance company denied it.  So he was sent to a SNF.  He had two weeks of therapy ther and then they said he had reached his full potential.  We continued to fight with the insurance company and after 3 months, we were able to get him into an acute rehab facility.  The bad thing was that he had sat in the SNF for 3 months getting no therapy.  The acute facility worked with him for 3 weeks and from there he was able to go home.  He still cannot walk, and has pretty bad short term memory.  But at least he is home with just my mom and limited caregivers taking care of him.  All I can say is keep fighting.  If it was up to my dad's insurance company he would still be in the nursing home.  Good luck and keep us posted.  
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Thanks for sharing and your support. I pray your father continues to improve.
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I forgot to add one thing that really helped us to get him into the acute rehab.  We contacted the Acute Rehab Center and they sent a care manager over to the SNF to evaluate my dad.  She was the one who really helped us fight the insurance company by saying my dad would benefit from the acute therapy.  
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