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advice needed on stroke

My father aged 76 had a stroke yesterday evening at approx. 17.30. He was taken to A&E and was in their care from approx 19.00.

During this time he would be fine for approx. 20mins and then would experience a pain over his left eye, and his right arm and speech would be effected. This none movement would continue for approx 20mins and he would then recover and would be fine being able to speak perfectly and movement in all limbs.

These episodes continued throughout the night until approx 4 this morning. Now he is aware all the time but speech is always poor and now has no movement down his right hand side.

No treatment except for oxygen has been given. We have been told that his swallowing must be assessed before they can give a combination of drugs. Aspirin, cholestrol reducing tablets and also a stroke type tablet.

We have been told to expect another stroke or possible heart attack. We have been told initialy that a CT scan was required but now have been told that he might get it tomorrow.

I just feel that from what I have read that early treatment is the key to helping stroke victims but I feel that th eproper care and attention is not happening.

Is there anyone reading this that can advise me on this as I am afraid for my father.
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Hi copperline, sorry to hear about your father having stroke. Hope he is doing well now? With your words, i feel he is not being attended at a stroke center. This is a medical emergency requiring advanced and skilled care, so he needs to be attended by a Nerophysician/Neurosurgoen for better evaluation and treatment. Has CT and MRI brain been done to know the cause of stroke and is his blood pressure under control? Depending on the cause the treatment is to be initiated. So, instead just observing him at non specialized center it would be better to take him where all investigations and specialist are available to attend in no time. Take care and update on his progress.
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Hi Suri123, thank you for your kind words. You are correct this is not a stroke centre. Apparently the nearest is 200miles away.
He received a scan on Saturday and a clot has been discovered and not a bleed. He has lost all movement down his right side and his speech is poor. His memory  is perfect and he is quite aware of his suroundings. A speech therapist came in today and he is on semisolid food like yogurt and all liguids most be in a custard  consistency state.

He is also taking aspirin and is awaiting physio. His blood pressure was high again last night. Thanks again for your welcome words.
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Sorry about your dad copperline.  Read the book by Jill Bolte Taylor "A Stroke of Insight".  It is her wonderfully inspiring story about a brain aneurism that left her with a new perspective on life.  It took her some time to recover but she made a full recovery with the loving support of her family and friends.

This book is a must read for anyone who has anything to do with stroke.

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