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basal ganglia stroke

new dry basal ganglia stroke in a very healthy 48 year old male.  He has minimal symptoms, eg. facial droop with slight slurred speech, some slight difficulty writing and some slight difficulty finding the appropriate word at times.  He complains of a foggy head - not thinking as clearly as before.  A lot of fatigue but that has gotten much better with time.  It has been 5 days since the onset.  What are the chances of these symptoms resolving over time?
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If he's doing that well after only 5 days, it would seem he has a real good chance at recovery. Keep at him to do his rehab everyday. Keep his diet good. Best of luck.
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He's lucky and he is young, he will likely do very well over the next few months.   Make sure your doctors give you an idea as to why this happenned in order to prevent more strokes in the future.  
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My father an retired airline pilot suffered a stroke in the right basal ganglia ,He was having a perfectly fine sunday day and was full of life till he came home and as he went in to the toilet to have a shower he fell to the floor however he managed to shout for me with a fine voice and complained he needed a hospital.The outcome of that was he had Blood pressure for a while when he wasnt aware of it it reached 25 on the night he fell.He was operated on to seal the vien in the brain to stop it bleeding and all blood was sucked out.he stayed in the intensive care almost 28 days and now he is slowly recovering.His left leg and arm both suffered resulting from the stroke which he is undergoing physio for it.he has good memory and is awake and can move his right side well and even write but sometime the words are to close to one anther u cant read them but u do get the point he is making.i just wanted to say 30 days ago doctors said he wouldnt make it and i always did disagree with them.if u have faith and the will u will get through it.
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I forgot to say i want to thank this amazing NueuroSurgent who saved my dads Life ,His name is Ibrahim Saikali (MD,FRCSC) Located in Clemenceau Medical Centre Affliated with John Hopkins internatinal ,Beirut
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I am a SLP who works with a lady who had a Basal Ganglia Stroke in 12/2008.  She is now coming in for speech therapy.  The more I check into her stroke, it appears that she needed therapy a long time ago.  She does not understand why she is unable to complete tasks that she used to enjoy doing and is unable to multi-task any longer.  Have any of the survivors in this group experienced these behaviors and did it get easier.....Also, did anyone have pituitary tumors removed prior to the CVA?????  Thanks for any and all responses!  MaryB
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I had a small stroke in this area and have had very mild facial droop and slight speech problems - also with chewing and swallowing, memory, and vision -all mild. But my worse symptom is a drop in oxygen level and have used supplemental O2 ever since. The Drs. all say this is an unusual symptom and are looking into other possibilities for the low O2 level. Anyone had this experience? Any advice or info.?
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My mother has suffered a basal ganglia stroke on the left side of the brain.  The doctors are unable to get to the bleed.  She is in hospital and cannot walk or move the left side.  Her speech is minimal and you cannot understand some of the things she says.  I was wondering if there is anychance that she will make a recovery and return to her normal healthy active lifestyle.  
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