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bleeding stroke

A year and a half ago, my 74 year old husband had a bleeding stroke. He was in the hospital for 6 weeks. He has aphasia, and has weakness on the right side.
I am so confused on what to expect in the future and what is normal, and what isn't on how he feels. He does get tired alot still. He can take short walks with me... sometimes he looks confused and has a look of pain on his face and when I ask him if he is ok..he says yeah. His right side seems to be getting a little weaker then what it was.  I worry about more strokes. They did say he also has build up in his cororid arteries also but it is not enough to do surgery yet. I worry everyday about him having another stroke. He seems to understand most of what I am saying and can get in some words and short sentences sometimes. I just need someone to talk to that knows what to expect. I know every patient is different. I appreciate any input.
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Hi, understand your anxiety. There are clinical scoring patterns for assessing the functional and cognitive states. This will show whether he is progressing or not. You can consult your doctor for this assessment. As for him developing further strokes, his risk factors like hypertension and diabetes need to be adequately controlled. And if he is on any blood thinners like plavix or coumadin, they need to be monitored by frequent blood testing. Be optimistic and encourage him to improve his skills further. Good Luck. Regards.
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Also smoking is a big risk factor for strokes.  And like the doctor above says, blood pressure is the other big factor to cause strokes. You should monitor his blood pressure periodically to make sure that it is within the right range.  Did your husband ever get any physical therapy or speech therapy after his stroke?  I got physical therapy a year and half later after my stroke, in addition to the physical therapy and speech therapy that I got following my stroke.  It could probably help your husband.
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