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brain surgery

my husband had a massive stroke about a year ago which affected his left side. He had craniotomy surgery.  my question has anyone fully recovered after such surgery?  He is only 31yrs old
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i am 46yrs old and suffered a hemmorhagic bleed last july 28th , one moment i'm serving my husband dinner, the next thing i know the nurse practioner comes to adminster my medication for MS which makes my bp sky rocket ( never in my life had high bp) still don't. i got a horrible headache and nurse calmly says call 911 to make sure things are ok, next thing i know i'm told that i've had a severe stroke and nearly died, i have left side paraylsis, and i'm making a come back, yes there have been set backs, i returned last jan,09 for bone flap surgery which made a huge improvement in my quality of life, but recently i have has a mini stroke/ seizure which left me angry at the world, my recovery was coming along so well , i was even walking 50ft with no cane and now i'm having to get back to where i was, is this depressing yes, but it's a fact and there is no quick fix, and there are gonna be set backs but given his age and hopefully willpower things will start happening. i did not even see myself ever getting out of a wheelchair the first time around but it does happen, it is also a Very TRYING TIME FOR THE CARE GIVER. my husband and i were married 3months when this happened the first time and we are ready for marriage councilling i'm so to say. please please, love each other and talk out your stress even if it's on paper then throw it out but god bless you both, debsy
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Hi sorry to hear about your mini stroke...well currently he is walking with a cane  but for long distance he uses a wheelchair. he has no movement in his arm yet only when he yawns strong. I haven't met or seen anyone yet with this type or surgery.Luckily  my mother in law helps me taking care of him but he's becoming more independant
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