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My stroke doctor has told me that my basal ganglia has been affected by multiple strokes. I have had 12 CT brain scans and one MRI brain scan. Now he says I am no to have any more and for him to be notified whenever I am taken to hospital. I read that basal ganglia problems can be caused by radiation, so I am thinking that this is the reason for my problems-which affect my brain activity and walking. When it got to my 6th scan the hospital doctor said not to scan as it was a risk, so why did they go on doing them?
Anyone else suffered in this way?
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The causes of basal ganglia damage are stroke as well as radiation . Radiation causes calcification of the basal ganglia  and stroke causes damage to them . The symptoms of basal ganglia damage are - Progressive encephalopathy ,Cerebellar ataxia ,Tremor ,Mental deterioration ,Progressive speech impairment ,Progressive motor impairment ,Dysarthria ,Dysmetria ,Chorea ,Ataxic gait ,Urinary incontinence ,Cognitive decline ,Partial motor seizures ,Parkinsonism ,Schizophrenia ,Depression ,Memory problems ,Dystonia ,Athetosis ,Orofacial dyskinesia and Sensory symptoms . You have not mentioned for what reason you went to the doctors and why they did so many CT scans . They were trying to find the cause of your symptoms at that time but they should not have gone for so many scans because it is definitely harmful . They should have gone for an MRI instead because it is more accurate and would give results in one go . Please consult a neurologist for the management of the condition . Hope this helps you . Take care and regards !

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I found your article most helpful but also alarming. It is because I have had so many strokes that the doctors continued to do scans. I was not aware how dangerous they could be, and now it is I who have to suffer the consequences. Surely the doctors should have known better? If one doctor said it was risky, surely that would have been in the notes? My stroke doctor told me just a few months ago that in future if admitted to hospital he should be alerted. but his comments have come rather late in the day, don't you think? My walking is now very unsteady, my bodily functions are impaired, memory awful. I now have almost constant dizziness with every movement and feel really faint. I feel generally terrible. It was only the last time that they decided to do an MRI and not a CT scan.
Many thanks indeed for your comments and for the amount of time you have given me by writing in such depth. Thankyou. It is a pity you were not in charge of my case.
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