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brother's stroke

Thanks in advance for any input / thoughts.  The last couple days have been the most trying of my life.  I am listing the events that have happened the last 2 days and please send your thoughts, similar experiences, links for info, etc.  Anything would be so greatly appreciated:

- Brother is 28 and in solid health... non smoker, no alcohol, very active, and not overweight.
- Had leg failure 12:00 yesterday
- Recieved CT scan and emergency surgery approximately 1.5-2 hours later to remove aertery clot that was stopping all blood supply to legs...there was significant danger of both legs being lost as he arrived completely paralyzed in feet/legs.
- Finished surgery, successful.  Many clots impacted from top of legs to toes with one major clot at the main blood supply point to legs (sorry for the uneducated analysis).  Thank the Lord he was able to move toes on right and left feet as he emerged from anesthtics...pulse on both feet.  Was able to say a few simple words,,,, approx 7:30 - 8:00
- Unfortunately, there was also a lack of physical skills/speech after the surgery.  
-- CT scan of brain immediately after surgery.
- Doctors determined that he suffered a stroke possibly during or near the end of leg surgery.  
- Blood thinners adminstered approx 11:00-midnight.  
- Overnight, my brother showed more and more symptoms of stroke as he fully lost all control of right side and speech.
- Morning, swelling in brain... steroids administered.
- Morning to current, he seems to have stablized from my own observation... doctors think that swelling is at max and will not swell further.  I am praying this is the case

His mind seems very intact.  Btu very tired
Doctors stated that all clotting has ceased.  
Possible histroy factor... my brother had a germinoma (sp?) when he was ten... brain cancer... has been cancer free for 18 years... very active, healthy, non smoker, good diet, etc..

- Doctors are saying this condition is very rare... clotted arteries in a healthy 28 year old.  Any thoughts or similar experiences?
- Due to his younger age and health, is there a little better chance he could re-gain control of his Right limbs and speech?
-   I was told by friend that red blood cells disintegrate at 118 days and this includes clots.  Also told that swelling of brain is common with strokes... are these true?

Any thought extremely appreciated.  Thank you again
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This is such a devastating story.   This, indeed, is very rare for a young man to have so many clots but is possible.   An underlying cause needs to be found -- does he have a big clot in his heart?   Does he have a genetic predisposition to clotting?   Does he have an underlying medical condition that makes him more likely to clot -- such as, unfortunately, some cancers?   The stroke he may have had may be due to the same clotting problem as he had in the legs and not necessarily due to surgery but it's hard to tell.   It is true that with a large enough stroke, there may be  a lot of swelling in the brain for a period of time and the doctors need to watch him very carefully.  It is also tricky to have blood thinners while this is happenning as this may cause some hemorrhaging in the brain - but it's a catch 22.    

Depending on how big the stroke is, his recovery may be very good and his speech as well as movement will start coming back, perhaps, not completely in the next several months.    Don't give up hope but it looks like he has a long road ahead trying to find out what exactly happenned.

All the best.
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I'm sure his doctors can't even answer the question concerning how much damage was done to the brain. Only time will tell. The best rate for recovery will usually happen in about the first 90 days after a stroke. The rate of recover is also better with a person who is younger and was in good health prior to the stroke. Sounds like your brother has everything on his side. Let us know how he progresses. Just remember, these issues take a lot more time to recover from. It's typically a slow process. Let us know how he does.
Never give up.
Best of luck
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