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My question is really simple, for those who are care takers of someone with a stroke. My fiance had a stroke 6 mths ago. He's partially blind and has some memory issues. I know this sounds selfish, but what is the outlook for our future. I keep thinking I can't hang in there with him. We have only been together for 2 yrs and I believe that I am just not cut out to take care of someone who is disabled. Should i cut my loss now and move on or is there hope that he will get better. I am really depressed about this and a little guilty. Is there anyone out there who feels resentful or just plain wanna get up and leave the situation that they find themselves in. He does have a family who can take care of him, so he wont be alone,  I just don't think it should be me. He was very active before the stroke, worked out at the health club, we travelled a lot, now that lifestyle is gone. How can i get past this and the doctor did say that there is always a second stroke if not immediatly then sometime in the future. Please Help
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I am not a caretaker but a survivor. The largest amount of recovery is in the first 6 months, After that it takes a lot of work with the survivor needing to have good cognition in order to understand and help the recovery. The dr. who said that a second stroke will always follow should not be talking like that. He should have given you  information on what has been done to prevent a second stroke, clot, either Warfarin or aspirin, bleed, clipping or some other surgery. Is your fiance actively working to get recovery back or is he depending on you?  Stroke recovery is a lot of hard work. I am 52 and it basically takes all my energy, both mental and physical, to work on my recovery.  I can see why those in their later years just give up on recovery and just live with what they are now.  Only your fiance can determine if he is willing to recover more than he has now, you as caretaker can only do so much.
Sorry about no clear answer.
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