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communicating with someone who has left brain damage

my husband had a stroke in May. It affected the left side of his brain.  Communication is difficult, but it seems he can comprehend.  He certainly can read and seems to understand what he is reading.  Due to insurance related issues, his therapy ended prematurely..  I would like to be able to communicate with him better. Can you suggests games, tools to help.  I gave him a computer to see if he could type his messages but he could not.  Are there other tools I can use?  please help.
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I'm sorry his therapy ended prematurely, it is very good that you keep trying to improve communication.  Can you get help to appeal the insurance decision?

I had a left sided stroke at 43 and many TIA's. Not sure what is normal, but I could understand very well, I just could not find or remember words to communicate.  I kept reading and working at it, but I did the hard work when I was the freshest since frustration ran high when I was tired. Sorry I can't think of more.  When I did "see" words then I would remember what they meant, but that could just be my learning style.  

Does he follow spoken direction?  Or written directions?  I could follow directions, because my memory was so bad I carry a paper and pen with me to this day.  At first it was a difficult to write and now what words to write, in time it got easier and I got less picky, :) as long as I knew what it meant.
Hope this helps
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I am terrible sorry and do understand your frustration. My Husband had a stroke two years ago (Carotid Disection) . I went to Brandsmart and bought a mind game for him, plus a netbook. I also encouraged him to read alot and thanks be to God my husband's speech is getting better day by day.

Please tell your husband not to give up but continue to Pray and claim his speech back in the name of Jesus. Please do not give up all things are possible with God and this is only a test of your faith.

Best of luck to you both and God Bless you both.

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