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did my son have a TIA?

Getting my son checked out this week. He was studying for mid-terms in college so for like a few days he was averaging like 4 hours of sleep. Once exams were over he took what he thought was a 20 min. nap but it was 2 hours long. He was exhausted. He said he had the scariest thing happen to him. He woke up and could not move his body -- at all. For a brief few minutes. Then he got tingling back in his fingers and was able to finally move. In looking things up and knowing how extremely tired and stressed he was we thought maybe he had sleep paralysis. Which can happen when exhausted. But he said his head didn't feel right (that was a thursday). Then the following sunday he said he said his head just doesn't feel right - no headache or pain just not clear. Its been bothering him but some doctors are blowing it off. He can tend to be a worrier. But I am believing what he is saying to me. Could he have had a mini-stroke? He never said it was just one side. He said it was his whole body. He also said it lasted like seconds or minutes not long. He didn't slur his speech or have severe headache before hand. But his brain is not right he says. I believe him when he said his head is off and not clear. I don't know if anyone else has had mild symptoms with a TIA and not the typical symptoms (one sided, blurred vision or speech etc). Any thoughts?? Thanks for any help with this.
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Thanks so much - yea I know lack of sleep can cause so many problems. I don't know though he really says he doesn't feel the same....his head.
Getting it checked out this week.
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Oh Maggie I don't think anyone can say for sure. You son needs to see a neurologist or go to the ER. He really should have a MRI done. What's important is if he did suffer a TIA or mini-stroke they may be able to find a cause, which you know is important. People who have a stroke, there really isn't such a thing as a small stroke, are more likely to have another one. I would have him checked out as soon as possible....ike
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This is impossible to say, however having been up for three days straight in a combat situation decades ago many years ago, I can state that I had such an episode, so I suspect simple fatigue.
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