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As others have complained with dizziness, I also have it.  On a scale of 1-10 , I'd rate mine a 9.  Almost blacking out but not quite.  After going to doctors and many tests, no one could tell me why.  Until my cardiologist suggested that I may be taking too much medicine.  I'm diabetic and have high blood pressure. He also found that whenever I stand up (and not suddenly) just normal and stay up for several minutes---just going to the store and grocery shopping for example.,My blood pressure will drop  30-40 points , so I was sent for a MRI of the head to see if there was anything wrong with it.  Well, the MRI showed that at some point I have had a Right Basal Ganglia Lacunar infarct.  My question is:  What is this infarct, where is it located, and what in the brain does it effect?  Since it apparently did not affect me, is there anything to worry about.
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I have brain damage from my stroke in the right Basil Ganglia and I also deal with dizziness.  I have blacked out as a result of my dizziness.  I didn't think it was related but your question makes me wonder.  The only thing else I know about the Basil Ganglia was what my doc told me and that was this area of damage caused my complete left sided paralysis the night of my stroke.  I would definitely pursue how you got that from your doc.  I think infarct means brain damage.  One thing I have learned to do to combat dizziness when I stand up is to clench my abdominal muscles.  It shuts the blood flow to the lower extremities and forces it to the brain.  It's what fighter pilots due to combat G forces.  It really works.  Best wishes.
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Thank you for responding to my question.  I talked with another doctor on Justanswer  and apparently my stroke was a "mini stroke" or TIA.  It wasn't as deep in the brain as yours was so it didn't cause any problems.  They still didnn't say why I have the dizziness though.  So I guess I'll just have to learn to live with it..  Thanks for the tip about the stomach muscles --I;ll be trying it.   Hope things have gotten better for you .
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Hi Bettie....just joined today so looking around for info on lacunar infarcts.  Last year I had a TIA which only lasted an hour or so with no long term effects.  Recently I've been experiencing extreme vertigo and forget what I'm saying from one minute to the next.  Went to see my family practioner who had me get an MRI.  Apparently several of these infarcts swo up as well as old ones in the deep white matter.  Doc tells me to take Vitamins E and C...then all will be well.  After looking around the net,  called him back and asked if I should see a neurologist.  He said no, vitamins would do the trick.

Anyone out there who knows this to be true, wish you would let me know, cause I'm just a little concerned.

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