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hemmorhagic stroke

My dad had a bleed in September 06.... He was hospitalized in ICU for 3 weeks and we were told to pull the plug.  Trached, feeding tube, the works, 2 months.  He is eating very well everything....My mother still has the feeding tube in his stomache at home.  It is almost 18 months with the feeding tube in him. He is eating normally for 1 year now and my mom is keeping the tube in.  We as her children feel it is very fear based!!!!!!!!!!!>  If he should have another  stroke.  We feel this is keeoing him from a full mental recovery.  His debilitation is a left side paralysis .  He is walking with cane a little and walking with aide very slowly.  His wits are all there and very funny.  SHe keeps him in the front bedroom in a hospital bed .......We as the kids are freaking out.  She puts a penis apparatus on him at night so he won't wet the bed.  He goes to the bathroom during the day!!!!!!!!!!.  We feel she is keeping him down.  We are afraid the feeding tube will cause unnecessary complications.  WHat are they.  We want them out.  SHe claims it is in so he can get water.  He does not drink enough water.  Every other drink they thicken.  Please Help us.  

We are very concerned......
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My husband had a hemmorhagic stroke in July 07.  Doctors also told me they didn't think he would make it.  My husband has made a miraculous recovery.  He also has problems with his left side since his stroke was on the right side of the brain in the occipital lobe. He was in ICU for three weeks, neurology for three weeks and rehab for three weeks.  His deficits are diplopia (double vision), mild left side weakness and minor short term memory.  He also had dysphagia and with speech therapy and exercise that improved to where he didn't have to do the head turns to swallow and he didn't have to use the thickeners any more.  I think your mom may be being a little over-cautious, and with good reason.  What did the doctors say?  If he's going to the bathroom in the day without any "accidents" he should be going at night, also.  Usually, incontinence improves.  My husbands incontinence came back after he got to rehab.  You should try to get your mom to not use the penis aparatus for a few just to see how he does at night. It's making him very dependent on it. Is your dad getting exercise?  If he's staying in the bed all the time that will hinder his improving. Why would the feeding tube still be in him if he's eating well? How does your dad feel about this?  Is he willing to let these items go?  Does he feel like he can do alright without them?  My opinion would be to do away with the pee pee thing and ask the doctor about the feeding tube being removed.  If he's eating well there is no need to keep it.  Good luck to you and let us know what happens.  
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