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hemorrhagic stroke following coumadin - prognosis?

My 83 yo MIL had a hemorrhagic stroke on Saturday (8/3). She is a long term user of Coumadin due to previous DVT. Fortunately, she was in a public place when this happened, otherwise she almost certainly would not have sought help. Today (8/6), she is being moved from step-down to a rehab facility. Her only apparent problems are nausea, dizziness and general weakness (the bleed was at the base of the skull). Of course, she is also depressed. What does rehab consist of in stituations like this, and what is the likely prognosis, bearing in mind that everyone has a different recovery rate?


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Honestly, I'd forgotten I'd posted this here. Unfortunately, since I did my own Mother has had a stoke, and she is now much worse that my MIL. Anyway, back to the subject at hand: as of her last neurologist's appointment my MIL had regained 90% of function. She is now driving, and the most obvious effect of the stroke is her level of exhaustion.    During her hospitalization, she started to experience signs of a DVT again, and a filter was inserted. Now she has been put back on the Coumadin (lower levels, closer monitoring). Really, she's made a remarkable recovery. I wish I could say the same about my own mother, who has almost total short term memory loss and vision loss.

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I'm really glad to hear about your MIL.  My husband has suffered a hemorrhagic stroke also and it has affected the base of his skull similarly. He had the stroke in late June and is finally coming home. During his stay in Rehab he suffered a pulmonary embolism and at that time was off coumadin. He had a filter put in and is now back on Coumadin because the filter is blocked--non removable type. His legs are so swollen it looks like they could pop, but he keeps going. He is able to walk some, but is not very steady on his feet I feel he is walking a tight rope being on coumadin again--because he has been warned against ever falling. He will be home here in a couple of days and the safety issue worries me so. I'm wondering if the filter was such a good idea.
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