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hemorrhagic stroke recovery


I was hoping for some feedback please.  

A bit of background info:
My father had a stroke 10 weeks ago, it was a bleed in the mid brain.  so his right side of the face was paralysed, and the left side of his body is weak. (not paralysed, thankfully).  The scan at 2 months did not show much change to bleed, so either his body is not absorbing the blood or he still is bleeding slightly.  The doctors dont think he has had another bleed, but that doesnt mean its still not bleeding (the doctor at hospital is not very helpful!)  

He has been quite poorly, at 6-8 weeks he started throwing up, we thought it was because of the physio, but now he throws up after coughing when lying in bed.  He's been fed via a PEG, so we tried changing the food, but that didnt help.

2 weeks ago, he got pneumonia and his left collapsed, docs say its all clear now, they think it happended because of asipration from when he was throwing up.....and now his peg is infected!

My bed cant speak, he makes sounds but we cant understand him, we think this is because the right side of the face is affecting his tongue so he cant say the words, he is also beddridden, because his left side if the body is very weak, but mainly his trunk is the most affected.

We can see his strength improving, but he still cant sit up or move unaided.

I have read so many things and most say that recovery happens in the first 3 months, so my fear is that it has been 10 weeks since he had the stroke and he still can't walk or talk, does this mean he wont get better?? We see slight improvements somes day, but then he goes back a few days, and with all these infections he gets, we use the excuse that its the infections that are making him tired, or the medication is making him drowsy. So my fear is, is this it?  Will he be like this forever?  My friend's mum had a stroke 7 years ago, she never fully recovered and needs round the clock care.  We still have hope, but as time goes on, my fear is getting stronger. It will be nice to hear some realistic advice...i know every stroke is different and you cant what going to happen but any advice anyone can give will be appreciated.

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