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horrific stroke, possible treatments?

doctort diagnose me stroke, I have sudden slurring speech, drooling, hearing loss, can't understand speech.  and later muscle weakness in whole body, fell down stairs twice gashed my head.  feel unconnected to my body and asleep.  I still can't understand people speak, it's a blur and too fast.  I think I have bad vascular problems and maybe hypercoagulation
I'm not sure what treatments I should try, I haven't been able to get heparin script and only take aspirin, vit b12, ginko.  I'm diabetic and am almost bedridden.  
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I had a mild stroke four months ago and worried that I wouldn't recover but , today I'm back at work doing fairly well and getting better every day. I want to sleep a lot still and do as much as I can. I'm trying to get lots of exercise with aerobics which seems to help with the fatigue a bit.

stay positive, and try to keep moving....you'll get better!
hi!  is there anyway to recover intution, energy/motivation and emotion or changes to dopamine receptors?
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I'm really afraid I'm going to die in poverty.  I have problems with short logical sentences.  I'm bedridden and the recent trach hasn't helped.  It's been traumatic to have the trach tube replaced at the ER with the bleeding and coughing.
I hope you are doing well. Stroke is a terrible illness and you are very brave to fight it. My fathed had a stroke 7 months ago that left him with some similar sympthoms, but he was making some improve. Then 2 months ago he got a hemorraghic at perietal lobe then a week latter a massive ischemic stroke while inside hospital. Hes on icu now, strugling for life. Hes on mechanical ventilation and he is very bad. Doctors says he wont get better. Im not a doctor so i cannot point you a treatment. But my advice to you is to do what you can and try what you cant. Never give up trying, your brain has to learn some tasks again. So try until you can. Be healthy by eating good and excercising not pushing your limits. Be aware that a second stroke is a real treat. I wish you can find all the support you need. Keep going, you will get better. My best wishes.
was your father put on anticoagulants?  is there anyway to sue?
stroke is such a complex and difficult disease I can't really comment on treatments.  the 2 neuros I saw said that without a positive MRI I shouldn't be on anticoagulants but when they did the physical exam they didn't see the worst of my neurological deficits
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