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husband sleeping a lot after stroke

My husband just had a mild stroke 4 days ago.  He is sleeping a lot.  Should I keep waking him up or does his body need the sleep time to heal??
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Sorry to here about your husband.  

Four days is very early in stroke recovery.  His brain has been injured & needs time to heal.  Sleep is how your brain heals.  So let him sleep.  When you're so so tired from all the stimuli around you & activity, you don't take anything in anyway.

It is a long slow journey ahead - don't try to rush it or put him on your timetable.  He'll get to know his own body really well & know what is good for him.


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I agree with Sue.. The brain do need a lot of sleep following a brain injury so that it can take care of things and evaluate the damages ... So that should be ok..
But also remember that his need for some sleep should not exceed too much.. the sleeping position is a rich environment for some stroke-related issues that could affect his prognosis. So work with his therapist to encourage him to sit once in a while and even to encourage him to stand up (if applicable).
I hope that he will get better. And hopefully he will, don't worry :)
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Sorry to hear about your husband, I hope he's doing better.  Sleep is one of the things I wanted to do myself and it was one of the things that was much needed in recuperation.  My advice to you let him sleep.  He will be up and around whenever he feels like it.  I agree with Sue, your brain and body heals when you sleep, it's important right now for him.  It's going to take him awhile. I had a very mild stroke from a complicated migraine and it took me quite awhile, don't be surprised if he has some emotions that he doesn't know how to handle to go along with it also.  It's just one of those things, I hope he's better everyday, just be there for him and be supportive to him.
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I wish your husband a wonderful recovery. I too had a stroke, and sleep is a good thing, he has been through a tragic time and it takes alot out of you. Sometimes the need for sleep is due to the medication as well. I was in intensive care for a week, and dont remember any of it, so time heals, I haven't always been patient, I just want to be the same before my stroke, and I'm getting back, slowly.
Goodluck to you and your husband.
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I had a mild stroke 9 days ago. While I am completely functional now,  I am sleeping more than ever. I haven't slept straight through the night in many years. But since my stroke, I have been getting a solid 9 hours a night -- without waking up. I have not slept this much since I was a teenager, 30 years ago.  I am also finding that I start to lose some of my brain power (cognition) by mid afternoon. A short nap revitalizes me.

I am thrilled to be alive. I love life now more than ever. But this extra sleep has become a necessity for me now.

It's a small price to pay.
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My husband had a stroke 3 weeks ago. No paralysis but his left side is weak. He is now in physical therapy. He has short term memory loss the Dr said it would probably take him 3 mos if he were to get it back. Does anyone have an knowledge about this. He sleeps does sleep a lot.
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I could never sleep more than 9 hours before my stroke even when I was very sick.  Ever since my stroke which was almost 5 years ago, I need about 12 hours of sleep a night, or my chronic migraines, caused by my stroke get terribly worse.  If you need it, you need it. Yes, I resent the time, but my health is more important.
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my husband had a brain hemorrhage  to his right temporal brain.  Spent three weeks in ICU asleep.  Spent a total three and a half months in the hospital, including rehab.  He's now receiving home health physical and occupational therapy and does sleep a lot.  The doctors say it's normal and allows the brain to heal.  He too suffers from short term memory. He can remember his Social Security number, his serial number from the service, but he can't remember what he had for breakfast.  It's been hard, but it will get better.  We're post op five months and have a long road ahead. Hang in there.  I try to be as positive as I can.  He's but a shadow of the man I married 32 years ago.
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