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husbands stroke

My husband had two strokes three weeks ago in lower part of cerebellum close to brain stem, and I am aware that reabilitation will take some time.   He has lost hearing in left ear, but has a constant tone in it.  Headaches are still bad and balance is bad, we were lucky that only other side effects are trouble with his speech, left face is impaired and he has trouble with his left eye.  My husband is only 38, very active, coaches, works out and is a fireman.  There are no problems with highblood pressure, and his heart checked out fine.  No one can give us a reason why he had these strokes.  I know that we may not ever get that answer, but that would help us to understand this.  He will recover in time, he is very stuborn and will work hard.  It is truly hard for me and our family, we have questions and very few answers.  They first dx him with MS and then ruled this out with spinal tap.  His symptons have gotten worse and he is scheduled for his 3rd MRI tomorrow.  He has alot of pain in the lover left part of his head and pain will travel down his next.  The pain medicine is not working and not sure what other options that we may have for pain.  If anyone may have any suggestions that would be great.  I feel very overwhelmed and want to be strong for him, but this is truly weighing on me as well on him.
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Hi:  I am a male stroke survivor.  I had my brain stem strokes(2) last year.  They were the upper part of the brain stem close to the cerrebellum.  I basically lost at first my entire left side..hearing, vison too on the left side.  They diagnosed the hearing as tinitus...I still hear a constant noise like a high speed motor.  It is lessened by a radio or tv on..Silence is the worst !!  He may be like me and lost the muscle control in his left eye....Look up post traumatic vision syndrome....Yes, I have been through many specialists.  I was a City Employee also but I was a water and sewer manager in Virginia.  Ask the doc for an MRA...it reveals his veins and artery condition.  I had genetically smalller vestibular and basilliar arteries...Please e-mail me at ***@**** shall give you places and answer your questions that I can relay on a persoanl basis..My name is Chris
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Make sure they checked your husband out for vertebral artery dissection.  Young people are susceptible to these types of problems:  could be due to minor trauma or just spontaneous.   His headaches and strokes seem like they could be coming from a dissected artery.   Some neurologists treat with different medications if they know that it's a dissection.   You should make sure this was looked at.   If he has an ongoing dissection, he may still be at risk for more, at least in the beginning.   They should also check to make sure he does not have a blood clotting condition that makes his blood super-thick (Hypercoagulable state).   make sure he's at least on aspirin.

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