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massive stroke at 75

my mom, at 75, with atrial fibrulation and heart failure issues, had a massive stroke from a clot thrown from her heart. The entire right hemisphere is gray. though there isn't any more swelling yet (its been 84 hours), she has been having seizures. We don't know if she will survive the stroke much less the other issues. Here's what we know - she's aware (when not on anti seizure meds), she responds to the commands - opens both her eyes (completely - left eye does not seem to droop), can squeeze with her right hand, can move her right side, her left arm hasn't moved and while she cannot move her left foot on commands, she does respond to stimulus bu moving her toes and foot. before the seizures started she managed to mouth Water to us because she was so parched. Has anyone had a situation like this - we don't know what to hope for - only the best for her. we would all do everything to save her; but we want the best for her. i know no one can predict whather recovery might be but if anyone has had a similar situation happen, i would appreciate it, good or bad.
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my father just had a massive stroke at 86 - he is still in icu on a ventilator and feeding tube ( has been for 3 days).  his swallowing is gone and therefore the reason for the feeding tube.  i am praying so hard he recovers.  he knows what is going on despite sedation...his brain was barely affected as shown on ecg.  what scares me is his weak heart.  i want to let you know this is not his first stroke...he had another one about a 1 1/2 years ago and he did quite well after it...do not give up...rehab can do wonders for stroke victims.  if they release her from the hospital, put her in a rehab facility with pt, ot and st.  are they giving her medication for the seizures ? i am praying for you and your family.  i can relate  - it is a tough time with tough decisions for family members to have to make.  god bless rm
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