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only 43 and have completely changed since feeling of popping sound on top of head

i wanted to know what could cause a pop feeling in the top of my head followed by high BP of 159/136 dizziness,feeling extremely fatigued.change in bladder control,memory loss,speech related issues,panic attacks i went to ER they did cat scan nothing negative showed up. they gave me pill for vertigo also my hearing has been worse than before I am on SSDI since august of 2005 any help would be fine
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Perhaps an MRA may be in order.
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what is a mra,and how is it different than an mri
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I am told that an MRA will show more vascular detail
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An MRA is a good idea. I am an Occupational Therapist who deals with stroke patients so when my father in law complained of unimaginable pain in his head and the MRI showed nothing I asked for an MRA. It indeed showed a stroke and he was treated accordingly. Try that!
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You may want to go to a Neurosurgeon...they have a team of radiologists, vascular surgeons etc.  You may need a cerebral angiogram which would show the vessels in your brain..Perhaps you have an avm (arteriovenous malformation) would could cause alot of the symptoms you describe here. Do your ears seem to 'whoosh?"
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i saw your comments and thought i had to let you know that you are not alone that i am 42 years old and have the same exact symptoms. i just wish i could actually find a doctor that would take the time to actually care,because i know what you are going through, and i just wish there was some kind of relief that i could give you. i have had this my whole life and now they are getting worse. I just feel sometimes like i am not normal, but if you find out anything please let me know because i want to hear what the problem is. keep your faith i am............
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A good friend of mine has the same problem and is also having a hard time finding anyone in the Med community to believe her. When she first told me about the "popping sounds" I was skeptical but one night she told her boyfriend and me that the "popping sounds" had started again, to our amazement we could hear them when we placed our ear to the top of her head, the sounds reminded me exactly of the noise a candy in the 70's "pop-rocks" would make when you placed them in your mouth. The sounds are real and other people can hear them.
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Hi Lornak, i am a 50 year old man and i have had the same popping sounds in the top of my head on and off for about five tears,sometimes they are very quiet,and at other times they are like explosions,i have been to the doctors and all he did was prescribe paracetamol.It can be very annoying having this condition,and i have no medical diagnosis.Michael.
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