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post stroke recovery and acupuncture

Has anyone had any experience using acupuncture in addition to rehabilitation?  My mother's physical therapists see nothing adverse in trying this to help my mother's impaired right arm.
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Acupuncture treatment, used in its aftermath and recovery period can also be used in the acute phase. In recent years a large number of shows, stroke acupuncture treatment time is very important, no matter what type of stroke should seek early treatment. In addition, some recent acupuncture workers started to attach importance to the cause of stroke and certain mental obstacles to the treatment of mental disorders.
     In order to explore acupuncture treatment of stroke mechanism, China has done a lot of research work, and of many of the objective data. As of patients with acute EEG, cerebral blood flow, hemorheology indicators and serum lipoproteins, such as measured before and after the treatment, have shown a marked improvement. Acupuncture can suggest patients with acute cerebrovascular disease of the brain blood circulation volume, increasing the brain tissue oxygen tension, strengthen lesions around the brain cells of nutrition, improve cortical inhibition, enhance compensatory mechanism for the brain tissue repair. Recently, from the needle puncture on the stroke lesions inoma ultrastructure of the in-depth study.

Acupuncture (1 : cerebral hemorrhage)
     Main Points : Shuigou, Neiguan, Sanyinjiao.
     Points allocation : Hegu, Zusanli, Taichong, Fengchi, Jiquan, Fengchi, Yifeng

Body acupuncture (2 : cerebral infarction)
     Main Points : Neiguan, Shuigou.
     Points allocation : Jiquan, Weizhong, Sanyinjiao, Chize; Plus pseudobulbar palsy Fengchi, Yifeng

Source: http://www.****.co.uk
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I had a stroke during brain surgery in 1999 & was temporarily paralized on one side.  I had bad tingling on that side of the body and had acupuncture the next day.  My mother had someone come to the hospital.  The tingling went away, and I plan on going back actually b/c I've heard such good things.  I've recouped great from the stroke & I would recoomend acupunture to any stroke patient.
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