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my fiancé had a hemorrhagic to the frontal lob of the brain on the right side. she is 24 years old. she started acting strange and then she walked out of the house and went into the neighbors house and got in there bed with are blanket. I called the 911. They got the blood clot out, they relaxed the blood vessels in her brain so they wouldn't constrict because vasospasm was happening. they also took a piece of her skull out to relief pressure. They put her in induce coma. Before they pumped her full of drugs her last words where stay by my side. The nurse asked if she could name every one in the room and she called her mom "mom" she called me "nobody" and the nurse a monster because he had a beard. They left the room and I grabbed my girl friend and put my hands on her shoulders and said who am I very straight forward and bold, she responded your babe. That means she new who I was.Tthe doctors are keeping her in Acoma so she can heal. They just did a tracheostomy yesterday for her to breath better. I am very worried and scared for my fiancé I lover so much. Can someone give me some insight please THANKYOU
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Time, time, time.... Your fiancé needs time to heal. 1 year ago my mother had a hemorrhagic stroke that left her paralyzed on the right side, unable to swallow or do anything for herself. Today my mother's weakness on her right side is almost undetectable. she is eating regular foods, and walking around  with a walker. The best thing you can do is get involved and learn as much as you can about her specific stroke and what to except. Use them for a guide, but remember everyone heals differently. I remember my mom did the same thing to me....When I asked her my name she said big nose. The trach may have to stay in for a bit, until she gets stronger. At some point they may give her steroids for her lungs to help ween her off of it. Things WILL get better she just needs time and your love and support. God Bless her.
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