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stroke after broken hip

My 88 year old mother had a  right brain side stoke after surgery to repair a broken hip and wrist. She is healing quite well from the surgeries and is even able to stand with help during her rehabilitation, but she is constantly sleepy and slips into a religious rambling and looking for Jesus in the halls, and in her room.  It comes at any time and for no apparent reason, she could be waking up or just sitting and resting, with or without company in the room.  There is no set pattern as to when she will start "preaching"  She has always been a devout catholic, but never to the extent she has become.  Her rantings aren't always kind to other religions and we are afraid that others will hear her and become offended or even try to hurt her when she is alone.  I was told that the ammonia level in the blood could change someones attitude, could this be possible. We are a very close and loving family and to hear her do this is quite sad and even scary.  Is there anything we can  do to help her. Thank you
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My dad is 81 and had a stroke 15 months ago.  He did some of those same things.  He would talk to people that weren't there, etc.  We thought it was just the stroke, but later learned that his amonia levels were very high.  Since we have gotten this under control (he is taking something called lactulose (not sure of the spelling) he has gotten a lot better.  Sometimes he still talks crazy, like saying he wants to go home, when he is in his house and has been there all day.  You may want to talk to your doctor about the medicine he is on.  The only problem with it is that is makes him go to the bathroom very often, and with limited mobility, it is hard on my mom.  Good luck...
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My 79 year old grandmother fell a couple of months ago and broke her hip they did the surgery and all was well until Saturday morning.  She has been in a home and when they went to wake her up she wouldn't wake up.  They took her to the hospital all the while she has a stroke and is somewhat paralyzed on the left side.  She has feeling in her feet on both sides but not the left arm.  They told the family that if they wanted to see her they better come in because she would not make it through the day she did but today is having problems with the breathing and is very sedated with Morphine.  She also has a DNR.  The docs say that she has an anurism and there is bleeding on the brain.  Could this be a result of the fall that broke her hip?
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Sorry to hear about your grandmother.  I hope she is comfortable.

An aneurysm is a defect in a blood vessel, usually a bulging.  The wall of the aneurysm is often thinner than the rest of the blood vessel & therefore prone to rupture which causes the bleeding.  Your grandmother has probably had this for a long time.  As to whether her fall could have exacerbated things, I don't know.

She is very early into her receovery from the stroke.  The road ahead is long & slow but there is hope.  Please keep loving & supporting her.


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