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stroke and eyelid failure

My 72 year old mother had a stroke. She was unable to open her eyelids for two days. Now she can open one, almost completely. The doctors and nurses seem unfamiliar with the inability to open eyelids. She is in a fairly small hospital in Jefferson City Missouri. Perhaps she should go somewhere like Wash U?

Second, she has maintained long and short term memory and seems really with it. But she's totally unemotional. Like a "stepford" mom. She says all the right things, but without emotion. She doesn't get upset about anything and doesn't get excited about anything. She is witty (always was) but isn't amused at all.
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about 6 weeks ago i noticed a problem with my left eye as it progressivel got worse i decided to go my local eye infermary when i arrived the doctor noticed and knew straight away what the problem was a detached retna was the cuase of all my discomfort. now i have retnified the problem i like to stare at brightly coloured posters,letters and just appreciate my eyesight alot more and in future if i have any sort of retna problems or anysort of vision malfunction ill go straight to my gp im glad there is a place where i can come and read and leave my stories i feel like im not the only one with tyhis problem ...
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My father got a stroke 10 months ago. It was a severe stroke and he was in coma for three days. But he survived. He was completely disabled but he is slowly recovering. He can hold big things now and can hold and eat an apple for example. But the main problem is that he can not open his eyelids. If you open his eyelids he can see but he can not just open his eyelids. We sometmes open his eyelids for him to see around. It is a quite a long time now and I am afraid that he may never pen his eyes. It seems that it is very rare that people after stroke have such problems and no one can help us. I was wondering if there is any gadget or anything that can help him to open his eyelids mechanically. Does anyone know any links or heard from someone. He really wants to see but we can not help him. Any advice?
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Someone on another site was curious about “clutch glasses.” No details. They asked about blinking.
Hi, hope your dad is doing good.
Wanted to know if his eyelids issue has improved.
My dad also had stroke 3 months back and also facing eyelid issue for both eyes.His neurologist suggested to give time and see.

I was searching a lot to know on this but dint find much info.
Finally found someone who is also experiencing similar issue, it would be really helpful to know on your dad's progress and treatment options for eyelids

I've read about this issue.  I'm sorry to hear about your dad.  Are other things improving with him?
Np. Yes there is improvement in other things.
Oh, good, I"m glad other things are improving.  How's the eye lid issue now?
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U do not need to move ur mother to any other place, it is only a matter of time she will soon open her eyelid as brain heals.

about emotions, it is known that most jovial people get minus reactions to lot of stimuli, u got to give her some weeks for her to get herself together.

more on stroke from

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