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stroke recovery

can trauma to body cause a stroke victim memory lost or any other set backs
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My husband suffered at least three strokes while hospitalized for a staph infection which caused valve damage and required a valve transplant.
His vision was affected as the strokes occurred to the occipital region of his brain.
In Rehab,while attempting to get out of bed without assistance, he fell and fractured his skull - resulting in two weeks in a trauma unit.

He is home and doing well now, except his short term memory often fails him - frustrating him to no end.  He recognizes his doctors and their role in his care, but cannot remember their names.  He is unable to remember short instructions or even phone messages.  He has been declared legally blind and is unable to write things down as most do.  Therapists are at a loss as to how to help him as his issues cover mutliple areas and they are only trained to address one or the other.  Can anyone offer suggestions as to where I can turn to help him to get his life back?
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Do you mean a physical trauma to someone that is recovering from a stroke?  Or memory loss due to a stroke?

Strokes can definitely cause memory loss.  If trauma after a stroke, what kind?  Trauma to the head?  How long ago was the stroke?  

I know that the doctors and therapists were very worried about setbacks if my husband were to fall or hit his head by banging into something in the first few months after his stroke.  So it sounds like something you might want to talk to the doctor or therapist about.
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