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stroke recovery

any positive stroke recovrry stories out there?  after 7 months I am giving up hope of full recovery from right ssided stroks
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I also had a right side stroke that left me completely paralyzed on the left side. I originally planned on recovering in 6 months. It is now two years and I figure i have some 4-5 years left to go to recover. Once I start getting control of a muscle it takes me three months to control it fairly well. Start a journal and keep track of even the smallest improvements.
Check out Rowlands website, it has lots of good information.
See if you can't get a NDT therapist(neuro development treatment) and look up information on neuroplasticity, which is what your recovery will entail. Look up other stroke forums and you will find lots of success stories, but they all required a lot of work, the easy recovery would have occurred by now. I received tPA within the hour but still ended up paralyzed. The doctor said I missed the fast  miracle recovery and would have to settle for the slow miracle recovery.
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Hey, I have had two strokes and a TIA, since I was 39.  I am now, recently, 42.  It has been a rough ride, emotionally.  Sometimes I suffer with it inside, but on the outside I look as normal as the next person.  I am lucky in that there is no residual problems, but I have blind spots in my vision.  That is from my first stroke.  Sometimes I wonder why, but time, as usual, moves on and I have to continue to move as well.  I haven't given up on anything - or anyone - so I would say that to you as well.  Keep you chin up, fight through, and take things day-to-day.  I noticed that.  I used to look at things three to five years down the road, then it all changed.  It has only been recently that I can think of things a year down the road etc.  It is good.  You need to know that Heavenly Father is real and that you are his child, despite whatever happens.  I am religious and know that without that, and the support that that gives me I don't know how I would have dealt with things.  So, do your best and look for the best each and every day, it is difficult sometimes, but you can do it!  
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Never give up, life is different but so worth it. Had a massive stroke 7/05.  Could only blink eyes.  Paralyzed on left side.  Had a trek, catheter, and a feeding tube. Deaf in one ear with a loud roaring.  Could not hold my head up and speech and swallowing affected.  3 years later all tubes are gone, I am beginning to move my left side.  Still deaf in left ear with roaring, speech and swallowing are improved.  I can walk in my walker with minimum assistance and posture is returning to normal and most important I can once again participate in family functions.  Never give up, I have nothing but time to go for these improvements.  Time always moves forward and I choose to move with it and become the best I can be.  I hope you choose to join me in this effort, you won't be dissapointed.  God bless you.
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never give up hope. you always have to be a fighter.  i just want to say, my own grandfather recovered almost fully (he cannot talk properly, but he is still working on it).
So don't give up. How you feel better.  
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How are you?  These are links about  stroke recovery stories:


I hope this helps. Don't give up hope. There is life after stroke. Take care and keep us posted.

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