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stroke therapy

Has anyone found acupuncture or hyperbaric oxygen therapy to be beneficial? I recently had a stroke in November of 2009 and am still recovering. I was paralyzed on my whole left side but have gotten back movement slowly and progress a little every week. I can use a can to walk with assistance short distances. I still have no movement in my left arm, but a little in my left shoulder. I have been doing physical therapy and occupational therapy before I got out of the hospital in March 2010 and continued afterwards. I have also been doing strength training at the gym 3 to 4 days a week as well. The general concensus was that the stroke was brought on by my battle with terminal breast cancer for 2 years. I was declared cancer-free two weeks before the stroke occurred. I'm beginning to wonder if I can recover from this disasterous event and get my life back. I'm looking into any additional treatment that might help. I guess I'm also looking for a spark of hope. I was starting to feel hopeless, is there any hope? Does anyone know of a facility where I might get more intensive therapy or alternative therapy located in the United States?
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Dear Friend,
First  of all, Be relaxed .
Things are improving for you, so do not lose Hope.
You are recovering from Stroke symptoms that is a good thing ,With continuous  progressive Physical  therapy it can be improved and a patient can regain the full range of motion and muscle strength.(Considering patients age and other illnesses)
It can be achieved with your full faith on the therapy.
Hyberbaric oxygen therapy is beneficial,and is contraindicated in few cases ,e.g.Upper respiratory tract diseases,pneumothorax, fever ....
God Bless.

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My brother also had a stroke and was paralyzed on his left side.  He has had acupuncture and found it helpful. He was becoming discouraged and decided to try a different PT, which was a blessing.  The PT recommended botox injections and his range of motion is definitely improving.  It may be something to ask your Dr. about.  Good luck!!!
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