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My mom is 65 and recently she got food poisoning and since then she has not been the same.  She cannot walk without a walker, she is having trouble with some of her words, she cannot write the same, she is always tired and emotional and tonight she was nausiated.  We do not live in the same town and I am extremely worried.  She has been to a Dr. and they took a urine test and blood test and they were normal.  The Dr. perscribed her some medicine that was suppose to help with her equalibriam but it is not working.  She will not have insurance until Oct. of this year and we are wondering what test she needs to have done to find out why things have changed so quickly for her, it seems that she may have had a mild stoke but no one knows for sure.  Thank you
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Hi Angie ,
The symptoms of your mother do suggest of a mild stroke . Please go for a CT scan and MRI of the brain immediately . These will help to diagnose whether it is a stroke and whether the stroke is ischemic or haemorrhagic . If left untreated , it may lead to paralysis on one side of the body . Please discuss the management plan with a neurologist after the diagnostic tests are done . Hope this helps you . Take care and regards !
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