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my husband had a stroke last year and his right hand is numb and tingling and it is hard for him to pick things up with it. what could that be?
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Sorry to hear about your husband. Has your husband had the disabilities you describe since his stroke?  What does his doctor say?  Did he have any physical therapy after his stroke?  If not, he may still benefit from some.

If these are new symptoms, he should see a doctor about it.

Good luck.

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Hi Sara,

I can see that you have alot of information about strokes and you may be able to help me with my mother case.
My 71years old mother had an ischemic stroke on the 5th of January this year and she is still in hospital on rehab therapy, she is still on tube feeding through her nose, her right side is weak and can not talk at all.
when can we start given her food? and how cause she dose not open her mouth for us at all and the Drs and nurses dose not try to feed her.
is the any hope that she will be able to remove the tube and eat? is she goinig get bettr coz Drs not saying much.
please if ther is any information that you can provide me with.
thank you very much for any help you can give.
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I am so sorry to hear about your mother.  It must be terribly difficult for you.  Unfortunately there is no way to know the timing of when your mother will be able to eat.  That's why the doctors don't have much to tell you.  However the fact that you say she is on rehab therapy is an excellent sign that they do believe that she can get better.  How much better is impossible to say.  But keep visiting her and talking to her.  Your presence with her and interaction with her is likely to help her and will definately make her feel better.

Do take care.

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