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thalamus stroke recovery

Hi, I am 70 years old and  had a mild CVA of the thalamus on 6/2/2008.  Only symtoms were loss of feeling on left side.  All other faculties are good.  Still  have much tingling all over left side and numbness in some areas.  Fine motor skills of left hand are bad.  Gross motor skills and strength are good.  Pain receptors are working for the most part.  Sensory receptors are not functioning very well.  I was wondering if anyone out there may have or have had the same condition and what the general prognosis may be for recovery.  I am currently taking AGGRENOX, ZOCOR, B12 COMPLEXI, FISH OIL. I do strength training every other day and cardio training on the other days.  BP is a little high  145/75. Heart rate 55-60. Any feedback would b e greatly appreciated.
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I read your comments with interest.  I had a thalamus stroke in June, 2006.  It happened while sleeping.  I awoke with total numbness and tingling  on my right side, head to toe.  Because this happened on Sunday and I had no pain or loss of movement and several hernicated disks, numbness was not unusual.  When I visited the Dr. the next morning, he sent me to a neurologist.  Over the last two years some feeling has returned to almost all areas of my right side in varying degrees except for the fingers and toes on the right side.  I have trouble picking up small, flat things,  terrible penmanship.  Though I can feel warm or cold air on my left side and limited on my right side, I have lost the ability to feel hot or cold. e.i. I only know I am hot when I sweat and I never get cold enough to feel the need for a jacket.  This is an area that I watch closely.  In summer dehydration is a constant concern.  Dr. state that I have done a commendable job continuing with as near as possible lifestyle.  I have had loss of strength in my right arm, but keep up  normal activities.  I am 66 years old, work 17 hours a week.  Even though improvement is show, I can certainly encourage you to keep up the exercise.  I believe that if I had not kept up with my usual routine, my outlook would be a lot worse.  I'm interested in how you've progressed.  PS  I didn't listen to the Drs. when they told me this was as good as it was going to get!!  and it wasn't!
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I am experiencing exactly thie same left half numbness/tingling and burning sensations after waking one morning and being diagnosed with two small strokes right side thalamus. I am taking very similar meds, Aggrenox, Elavil and Gabapentin. My sensation ave not improved in 5 months. I find it difficult to stand for any length of time as I become exhausted. I am hoping for some improvement in the near future.
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As far as I 'm concerned, I'm afraid that modern medicine can do little in stroke recovery, so I suggest you can take some alternative medicine. Meditation, acupuncture, hypnosis, reflexology, herbalmedicine, and so on are all alternative medicine, and I think there must be one can help you. My friend's mother caught stroke and we are looking for any treatment to help her. I think Traditional Chinese Medicine should be my best choice. After our searching, oral pellet and massage will improve the condition. We are now considering to take Kangnaowan Pellet, which is a Traditional Chinese Medicine, and also we will do massage to help her recover.
Hope it will help you.
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I had a thalamic stroke two days ago.  Entire left side was numb, but I had about 3/4 of my regular strength and could move all my appendages with ease.  I am on Lipitor and a diuretic.

I am walking with a cane now, and the numbness in the bottom part of my arm has dissipated, same with my toes.  Still numb up the left side, but it's fading, amazingly.

I am 46, smoked for ten years, pack a day, high bp. (Obviously)
Quit now, and changing diet.  
Will miss coffee :( but it was time to toss the cigs anyway.

to shb1: YOU ARE SO RIGHT!  Never give up, no matter what docs say.
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my dad had a thalamic stroke on Right side of brain, when admited to the hospital he had full sensation and feeling on Right side now 13 days later he cant even walk due to sever tingling and numbness in Right leg, even the therapist is puzzled about this and the doctor does NOT seem concerned.....HELP.............I need an answer as to why my dad is NOT getting better
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      I had a stroke in Feb. 2012  I think never paid much attention to time.
I have found that most of my function improves when I avoid white bread, etc. , processed wheat ,ie. noodles biscuit...  I also take a good multi vitamin and beta carotene ( A )  now flax seed oil ( achy joints ). It all seems to be working for me just very slow... I used to have very high physical demands on myself and now must take it easy... hard to be patient.
Also I should say I am 52 been a smoker over 40 yrs. drunk for 5 yrs in my teens and weekends for years after, still my body performed perfectly considering... now 6 yrs diabetic ( meds. make me sick til I was in a wheelchair ). I threw away the meds. and started tai chi / chi gong !  Best thing I ever did !  Mostly , believe in your good health and ...um build the dream of good health in your head, the vision will lead you to it !!
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