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waves of dizziness and electric shock feelings in head after stroke

I suffered a stroke that was a blood clot that hit and burst in the Cerebellum area of my head.  I have suffered from bouts of dizziness and feelings like little electric shocks in my head since that time.  They lessened and then went almost away and then about a week ago starting happening again.

The Dr's say the MRIs are fine and I have nothing happening in my head, but I continue to feel these.  Sometimes, they shock me when they hit and other times they just feel like waves of dizziness like you have fluid in your inner ear.  Sometimes it also feels like I need to close my eyes.

I have been told that it is probably just cells rebuilding and after effects of the stroke, but I am looking for some answers and if others have felt these types of pains/shocks after a stroke and how long they lasted etc.

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You should find out why you had the blood clot hit your cerebellum in the first place.   If, for example, you had an artery dissection (like a cerebellar artery), it can be quite painful, though should not come in shocks but more continuous pain in your neck or back of head.   it is possible, however, that you may be reexperiencing that again.   you should clarify with your doctor whether they checked for a dissection.

also, cerebellum is a tight area and any kind of stroke or scar tissue may be painful when it pinches nearby structures.   you should talk to your doctor and consider taking medications if these don't go away by themselves (e.g., tricyclics, gabapentin, lyrica, etc.)
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thanks for responding - I did have a check for vertebral dissection and some strange inner ear thing that can cause sinus arteries to clot - but both were negative.

THey have found that I received two mutated genes from mu parents that affect some enzyme in my DNA and that causes a high level o f Histine (??) which can act like cholesterol in your veins and while my cholesterol  is low  - this can cause a build up in the arteries and cause heart attachs or strokes as well.  I also had high Protein C in my blood (Lupus Anticoagulant) and they also found that I have a heart defect (a wavy or sloppy stem) that I evidently was born with.  The consensus is that between the heart stem that is wavy and has unique area that blood could sit (and shouldnt) and the issues with the blood and Histine - that I probably formed a build up or clot in the heart that broke off a small piece (MRI showed an older mini stroke in the Cerebellum as well) and then the rest of it broke loose and traveled as well (to the Cerebellum area) when I suffered the stroke that I knew about.  I had no idea that I had previously had a mini stroke??  

I know the Cerebellum area has had doctors asking questions - because if it came from my heart - it seems it should travel to other parts of the brain and not the Cerebellum...but with the vertebral dissection MRIs showed negative....I guess it just took the long way of traveling to my head??

By the way - they are treating the Histine issues from the mutated DNA genes with mega doses of Folic Acid - which I start taking today.
thanks again for responding
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I am female 44 and had a cerbellum stroke 4 weeks ago in the left hemi. I constantly feel as if I have hit my funny bone. I was also a healthy person. ER sent me home and told me to follow up with my PMD. I did 5 days later(earliest they would see me) an MRI was done that showed my stroke. How long did it take for you to regain coordination?
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I have a simmilar problem

I keeled over and have bouts of dizziness/lightheaded ness and my MRI is clean

So I am not sure why this is happening though I suspect it is amini stroke

The doctors also suspect something called a TIA as I have numbness on my left hand side, cannit distinuish between hold and cold anmd have an  unsteady gait as my left side is weaker now.

I am slowly recovering or more liuke my body balance is adjusting, my symptoms are very simmilar to yours. What should I do? get another opinion? They have also done cat scans of my head/neck ECG apart from MRI and everything came back ok, but I still have these symptoms

Apprecaite any help/guidance

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