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Getting off suboxone

So I started suboxone over 2 years ago. I have been taking 16 mg a day until recently I lost my insurance and cannot afford it. When I found out I lost my insurance I started to taper myself but only had about half a months work of pills. Anyway I made it down to 4 mg this past week and now my I have one qtr of an 8mg pill that ill take tomorrow and then thats it no more. Im terrified of the wd! Im a working single mom of 2 young boys, Ill still have to go to work and still take care of my boys myself so I know its gonna be hell! If anyone has any advice for me please post... Thanks.
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Sub, lower amounts of oc and rox, periodically over the past few years (5) by friend and I are taking to time to finally hit this cold turkey. Today would be day 4 with no sub. 3 for one of us 6 for the other.

3rd time quitting cold turkey. Each time has worked. I am just anticipating the worst. Last night was a reminder of what the worst feels, 0 hours of sleep. WE have a divine friendship, we were are in this together. We have benzos, colonize, Cannibals or weed, addy. L Tyrosine, and I think moral support being the most important thing.

Our worst experienced of sub dosage was  probably a 8mg strip. but that only being a minuscule about just enough to get by, typically about 2 mg o rless for the better part of 4 years. We weren't  poor but we are the only few people who know the **** *** **** that we deal with in our life, the need for something to push us to do mediocre.

This will be the last quit, we are going to make it.

What are the worsts and bests we have to look forward to...

ANY advice would be greatly appreciated. This isn't my first forum either, but you all seem genuine enough. Please let me know.

  Eric and Jerry
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Hey there! This is my first time being on this forum, I'm really struggling with sub WD's! It's been 8 days today that I ran out of my Medicine. My doctor discharged me from his office because I missed one appointment in a whole ******* year! I was taking 8 mgfor about 7 strait months I recently was down to 4 mg and then I jumped off! It's been a very long 8 days! And from what I hear it's not letting up anytime soon! I have a 6 month old that I have to take care of as well while dealing with this! I want to be completely done with suboxone! It jus became a hassle to me, everyday having to wait for it to dissolve and the nasty *** taste and it almost mKing me puke gets exhausting after a year of it, my daughter has made me a better person and I recently found out I have hep c so I have go get and stay off this medicine! Please help any advice is good advice! Thanks :)
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