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Tips on getting off suboxone

Im gonna list what helped me and other tips I've picked up along the way...

First would be the Thomas recepie.  This helps more than we think.  Hot baths are crucial in WD.  The only thing I'd differ from it in is the use of benzos.  I had used Valium, clonidine, vistaril to try to get some sleep while detoxing for the first few days, but none worked.
I went into my detox with the mindset that I wasn't going to sleep and didn't try to.  Your body will get the sleep it needs, but trying to sleep and not being able to is frustrating and can make things worse.  I slept about 7 hours in 4 days.  Needless to say it was rough, but I was determined to get off sub.

If you are able taking the first few days of WD off work I would.  I took a week off and got most of the WD out of the way.  However, don't just sit around!  Try to stay active.  Watching movies, playing video games, playing with pets... Do anything to keep your mind occupied!  Try to get some exercise as well.  Nothing too big, maybe just a walk at first.  Try and eat, keep your strength up.  Protein shakes are good for this, I had no appetite for about 2 days.

Getting through the first 4-5 days is the hardest.  Once you get to this point I would start taking meds to help sleep at night.  I use Alteril, an all natural aid.  Your still not gonna sleep through the night but at least you can grab a few hours.

The amino acid protocol helps build your body back to normal.  You won't see immediate resuls but it'll help in the end.

The last thing is support!  Make sure you have family or friends who will back you up.  Find support anywhere you can, this forum is a great place and helped me immensely!

You just gotta remember that you didn't get into this overnight and it'll take time to get over the WD.
You can do it!  Just have to really want it and stay strong!

Please post any other tips ppl may have
Good luck :)
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