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Bad Case of Varicose Veins - Cured with Supplements

A few years ago my varicose veins had become so bad that I had a sac of purplish-black blood hanging from each ankle. Very scary to look at. The veins were on the verge of ulcerating. They have since been cured without vein ligations or injections.

I started using BioSil (a bioavailable form of silicon). (I also started adding trace minerals to my water, but don't think this was a factor.) After about a year my feet returned to normal. One note: you have to be patient. You might also want to use an ointment to disperse the stagnant blood as your veins heal.
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Am a young adult suffering from Bilateral Varicose Veins since 1 and 1/2 year

As u described about BioSil and Colloidal Life Trace Minerals that i have been using these two for about 9 months and i see a little changes that i feel no pain and the Progression of varicose has stopped.. and i will still continue using BioSil and Colloidal Life Trace Minerals for a year and later will comment that it worked on me or not.
Thank you for this advice i hope it will cure  
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I also used Yunnan Baiyao. At first we did not give sufficient credit to its benefit. I recommend you add this topical treatment.

Also you do not explain what type of veins are varicosed.
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Great saphoneous vein
vericosity can seen only on ankle

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Yunnan Baiyao is available in Powder form and capsule form..
and how can i use it for Topical
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It is also available in a liquid form that is a applied through its own fixed sponge. You rub the moistened sponge on the spot you are treating.
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What about my skin colour
It's turned brown
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In India there's no product available like YUNNAN Baiyao
But I found only powder form in this website


I think this will fade off my dark skin coloured due to vericose vein

If u can tell me a URL of any website relating to liquid form of yunna baiyao , I will be more happy
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I cannot find this type of Yunnan Baiyao for sale...do you think the aerosol would work?  There are 2 types...50g + 60g, and 85g + 30g.  The first set of two canisters is for really serious bleeding and the second set of two is for every day type stuff like bruises and arthritis, etc.  Do you know the strength of the liquid you used?  It is frustrating to find a natural way of dealing with varicose veins and then not be able to find the correct form of the product.
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I had massive problems with circulation Reynard syndrome etc. took a flight 2 days ago 2.5 hours to sing and got DVT cured it using acupuncture and Yunnan Baio capsules and a healthy belief in the almighty. Still taking this wonder herb now! and veins decreased massively in blue tinge and size!!!
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Has anybody else had any success with BioSil? I was very sure that it was working and completely forgot about my veins for a while. I took a bit of BioSil daily. Then I stopped and I'm not sure 100% of it was the BioSil, but I noticed that it eventually got worse again. This made me wonder if BioSil does indeed FIX the veins or if the silica itself builds up and makes tissues more flexible ONLY while using it. I'm desperate for answers. I'm thinking about using it again, but I want to know if allmarbles is still cured and if anyone else has tried this. Please help!
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Also, I found the Yunnan Baiyao with the sponge...I want to know how often it was applied? I really just trying to figure out how much this may have had to do with that substance as well. We need more people trying this and answering - the claim was a complete cure of varicose veins!!!! We need to figure this out!
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