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Dead for 45 minutes. Life support for 4 days. Fine now.

I am a 32 year old white male. After a good bit of sobriety I relapsed on alcohol, cocaine, and opiates at a friend's bachelor party. This is what happened.
That night was 7/21/16, just two weeks ago, and after a night of drinking and cocaine use I added opiates into the equation and immediately collapsed. I went into cardiac arrest. I was dead for 45 minutes at first. I flatlined twice more after initial revival.
My blood had turned acidic, my brain was anoxic, and pulmonary edema flooded my lungs with the fluid that usually makes up the sack around the heart. I was on life support for 4 days, during which time the doctors told my wife that I had a 1 in a 1000 chance of survival, but that even if I lived I would be in a vegetative state.
Here I am. Out of the hospital, back in my home state (had traveled for the wedding), and continuing on with life, apparently without consequence.
I don't know what to do with myself. Everyone is telling me that I'm a miracle and that there must be higher purpose for my life.
Maybe. Maybe not. But I do feel like the information from my case may be medically useful.
Don't really know what I'm trying to ask here, want to make use of the experience. Don't know how to.
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